Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Busy Week!

Sorry that I haven't been online in a couple of days, I've been extremely busy. My husband has been in North Carolina for the last three days! I cannot wait until he gets here tonight! It's just been so hectic with the boys. I don't particularly care for his work schedule, he's at work 14 hours a day so that in itself is crazy enough, but I dread it when he is not here for days at a time! Thank goodness that doesn't happen often!

I'm so much more appreciative of him now since he's been on this trip. That's because when he's here he bathes the boys and puts them to bed. Plus, he's the one that changes the diaper pail! Eww....I had to do that last night and believe me it was disgusting! I had my shirt up over my head! I can't handle that smell! And it's a tiny little diaper pail and boy was it unbelievably heavy! Who knew dirty diapers could weigh that much?! lol I just didn't realize that those simple little things that he does helps out a great deal! I think that I'll bake him a cake to show him that he's appreciated!

One thing that I gained while he was gone was- Confidence! I always use to dread taking both kids with me shopping or to doctor's appointments. They are usually very well behaved, but you know how it can be with a near two and three year old! In the past, I would usually call my mom and leave one of them with her. Well when my husband was gone, my mom happened to be gone too! Talk about feeling alone! The day before my husband left I started having like an anxiety attack! I felt like- where could I turn? Everyone is either gone or working and it's just "me!" I started having scenarios in my head such as: what if one gets sick, what if one breaks an arm? What will I do?

But looking back over the past week, it went really well! I had to take my son to his eye doctor's appointment on Monday. Having them both there went well! My youngest almost had a tantrum because of the long wait, but I talked him out of it. After the appointment we even went to the craft store for about 45 minutes! Then we went home! It was awesome!

Later that night my youngest pulled his big brother's glasses off and bent them badly so the following day we had to go back to the eye doctors! lol So we ended up going to Target and Walmart and even went to the playland at McDonald's! I am finally so comfortable and confident in my abilities to be a mother! It only took what....three years! lol

Today I decided- why stay at home? I'm in the mood for thrift shopping! We went to two thrift stores and they were perfect angels and I didn't even have to bribe them! They both wanted to ride the mechanical pony but I stayed firm and told them "no!" They didn't even cry or throw a fit! I was very impressed! My oldest did ask me a couple times, but I didn't give in!

ALthought my day went well, it was a little challenging at dinner tonight. I gave them two choices and they aggreed on pork chops. Well my son took probably one bite of corn and one bite of pork chops and said that he was done and wanted a snack. I again stayed firm and told him not until he eats most of his dinner. So he cried a little and pouted. Then he came up to me and told me he was ready to eat his food. And he did! He ate most of what was on his plate! My youngest however wouldn't eat anything! I think he took one bite of corn and that was it. When I told him that he was going to have to eat his dinner in order to get a snack he tried to fool me by putting corn on his spoon and then dumping it off and taking a bite of an empty spoon! It didn't work and he didn't get a snack! That was probably the hardest part seeing him cry because his brother was eating a snack and he wasn't. But I want him to understand that he has to obey the rules in order to get the rewards.

Later I was in the kitchen cleaning up the dishes when I heard a shriek. I'm sure you mothers out there can relate to knowing the differences between your children's cries....right? Well my youngest had that type of cry and I knew immediately that he was hurt! The corner of his eye was bleeding! My oldest Ben immediately told me that he hit his younger brother in the eye with a piece of train track! It didn't bleed too badly and it's only swollen a little. Luckily, it didn't hit his eyeball. I forgot to mention that earlier today he fell and split his lip! That was a gusher! He seems to be the one that always has accidents! He's my little daredevil!

Anyhow, we really did have a great week! It snowed really bad here for a few days, but all in all it hasn't been too bad. The only real problem is I finally have a few hours to myself before my husband gets home and I can't find my Richard Gere "Unfaithful" movie! And I so want to watch a Richard Gere movie! I guess I have to settle for another!

Friday, November 14, 2008

A Scrappy Wall Quilt

I finally finished my scrappy little wall quilt that I've been working on! I call it scrappy because #1 I had no pattern, I just free styled. And #2 I am a beginner when it comes to quilting. This is my second attempt!

Anyhow, this started as a 8 x 10 piece of muslin and was supposed to be just some hand embroidery, but I took it a little further and turned it into a wall quilt!

I just measured out some squares and sewed them on around my 8 x 10 hand stitched piece and VOILA a little quilt. I added some batting to the inside and plain muslin for the backing. Then I blind stitched the binding on. As you can tell I need some practice with my binding. I'm having trouble getting it even- especially near the corners.
Here is a closeup of the text. It says:

"Once in a while- right in the middle of an ordinary life- LOVE gives us a fairytale!"
Here is a closeup of the hand quilting and the button details. I think the buttons go well with that particular type of fabric print.Just one of my many projects that I wanted to share! Have a wonderful weekend!


Ruth Ann

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Canopy Tour in Ohio!

I just got back from my mini trip to Hocking Hills Ohio! We had a blast! We went on a Canopy Tour where they strap you to a zip line and you whiz from tree to tree! I was thinking that since I've been in pain it wouldn't be a good idea. But I had to at least try it since I had made these reservations months ago before my pain started. Anyway, the harnesses and straps did all the was a piece of cake! And fun too! Here I am going on one of the zip lines.
Here is my husband on one of the high zip lines. See him in the middle of the photo!
Here we are together. This was a little scary.... look at our feet....we are actually hanging off of the platform in mid air! A few days later we went on a hike to see a natural rock bridge. It is located in Rockbridge Ohio (creative name, huh!). It is the second largest rock bridge in the country. It was a two mile hike to the rock bridge, but I did it! Four miles total! Who would have thought I could do it....and in my Uggs too! lol
Here is a photo of my husband on the rock bridge.
Here I am on the rock bridge. The trail had a couple of steep hills. Here I am resting on one of the benches! Overall we had a great time! It was cold- in the thirties. So if you ever plan to go on a canopy tour, it's probably wiser to go during the spring or summer. It was cold spending 2 1/2 hours in the trees in thirty degree weather! But it was worth it!
One interesting thing is that the pain from my fibromyalgia dramatically decreased while I was away. I figured it was due to not having any stress and being physically active. The day after I arrived home the pain came back. I am now planning on incorporating a daily exercise routine to my schedule as well as some stress reducing techniques- such as meditation. But we'll see... we all know as mothers.....we never really are able to take time for ourselves!
Ruth Ann

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm off on a mini vacation!

I am sooo sorry that I have not posted in a little over a week! It has been so hectic here, and besides that I haven't been feeling all that well. Just to give you an update, I did see my specialist on Wednesday and he said that I have both fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. So that explains the near constant pain that I've been having. The only down side to the diagnosis is there's a lot of people who don't believe that fibromyalgia exists. But I guess it's time to not worry about others and only myself, right?
I plan to change my lifestyle a bit. My goal is to get eat right and to give up the caffeine. Plus, I need to exercise. I think that this pain that I'm experiencing is like a wakeup call to start taking care of my body. Does anyone have any advice on how I can ease into a healthier life?
Tomorrow (actually later today) I am leaving for our anniversary trip to Ohio! We have been married for five years! I can't wait to relax and have some one on one time with my husband! Besides relaxing, I'm going to do some antiquing! I'm on the lookout for a pink rotary phone! Last year we took this same trip and they had several at this particular antique store. So keep your fingers crossed that they'll still have one!

I plan to take many pictures, so I'll share some when I get back. We plan to get home on Wednesday, but I won't post anything until Thursday! Hope everyone has a fantastic week!

One last thing....look what I received in the mail a few days ago:
I was the lucky winner of this beautiful pair of "Picasso" earrings! Aren't they gorgeous?!!!!

Thank you so much Denise!!!! You can visit Denise at Polka Dot Moon at:

And visit her awesome etsy site at:


Ruth Ann