Monday, December 28, 2009

Crafter's Withdrawal

I am totally going through some crafter's withdrawal or something! Especially spray painter's withdrawal (must be the fumes)! lol Just Kidding.

I'm not able to spray paint because of the cold weather....I hate this time of year because of that! I can't wait until Spring, so I can spray paint until my heart's content!

This week I'll share with you some projects that I finished, but didn't blog about! I can't believe that I didn't blog about them! That's probably because I was busy trying to get things completed before the cold weather hit! I have so many other cool projects that I want to complete, but they will have to wait until Spring!

So I've been going crazy because I've been so pre-occupied with the Holidays that I haven't had a chance to create! A few weeks back I was participating in "Make Some Art Mondays" over at Chrissie Grace, but she stopped hosting them for the time being. Also, I take a painting class on Wednesdays but they've been postponed after the first of the year. So I'm absolutely going crazy since I haven't created anything lately!

Tonight I was tired and didn't feel like anything but surfing the Internet. That's when I came across "Design Sponge" and spent the last few hours looking at before and after projects! My favorite one is this dog bed that was created from an old tv! You can read about the project here! Isn't this dog bed amazing?! And the dog is absolutely adorable as well! I think that Allie may just need one of these in pink of course!
So tomorrow I have decided to create something! That's my goal! There are so many projects inside my head, that I'll probably decide sometime tomorrow what I want to create! I'll make sure to post a photo! Have a wonderful night!

What a Wonderful Christmas!

I had a wonderful Christmas! We decorated a gingerbread house, baked lots of cookies, and had such a wonderful Holiday!

I am very lucky to have a wonderful husband, two wonderful little boys, a great extended family, and many awesome friends!

I hope you had a fabulous Holiday as well!


Ruth Ann

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree!

Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree! Thy leaves are sparse and pink!
This is the small pink tree in my kitchen that I call my "sad little pink tree!" It's really my pink and girly Charlie Brown tree! It's just missing a little pink blanket wrapped around the base of it! I didn't really think it was really all that sad until Kristin commented on it!

As sad as it looks with it's puny little branches...I really love this tree! I think I got it at Big Lots or Hobby Lobby a few years ago, but I cannot remember. And this is like my third or fourth year with this tree and each time I pull it out it gets worse looking! lol

It came strung with a set of pink lights! The tree topper and pink ball ornaments came from Hobby Lobby on sale. The big light pink ornament towards the middle is a cupcake. This tree makes me so happy it may remain in my pink kitchen all year long! Although I'm not sure now that everyone is making fun of it! lol
I participated in an ornament exchange this year and this lovely pink glittery shoe ornament came from Kelly! Thank you soo much Kelly, it is perfect! And thank you Kristin for organizing the exchange!
And here is the other ornament that was given to me from Kelly. It's a pink bulb and just perfect for my pink tree!
So that's the story behind my sad little pink tree! I have a really big white tree that I decorate with all pink ornaments, but I didn't put it up this year. Just wondering, has anyone tried spray painting a Christmas tree before? I'm thinking of spray painting the big white tree pink! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! More Holiday photos to come!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I'm finally back to the blogging world! I hate being one of those bloggers, who doesn't blog regularly...but hopefully in the New Year I can blog on a regular basis! Plus, Santa is bringing me a laptop so that will help me blog more conveniently! Sometimes I find it too hard to get away from the kids and go upstairs to blog....they get into so much trouble when I leave them downstairs alone for even a few minutes(see photo evidence #5)!

Plus this month was super hectic and crazy! I got my purse stolen a few weeks ago, from my car outside of my house! It had my wallet, social security card, and driver's license, and not to mention many credit cards! Plus my wonderful pink camera that my husband bought me on my last birthday! I don't understand how people can be so mean...especially near the holidays! It's just been one of those months!

Also my baby, Alexander, turned 3-years-old on December 12th. Here's a photo of him listening while everyone sang to him! Don't let his innocent face fool you...again see photo evidence #5! lol
Early in December we got enough snow to build our first snowman! Ben slept through the fun, but Alexander had a great time! We had no carrots, so my husband substituted with a celery stick nose, and gravel eyes!
A few days ago the East Coast got pounded with snow! We probably got 6-8 inches. Here is my little dog Allie trying to walk across the yard! Poor thing, she's up to her belly in snow!
Benjamin had an Advent Program for his school the other night! Here is the whole school standing in front of the church. We got to the program late. We really weren't late, we were actually on time. The paper that was sent home said: "Do not bring your child before 6:45pm." The program started at 7. So I followed orders...we showed up at 6:45 and the church was packed! This is a very large Catholic Church...and we sat a few rows from the back! I was allowed to go up front to take photos when Ben sang. Here he is in the middle when he first saw me. He got a huge smile on his face and winked at me! My heart melted! He's growing up soo fast!
Here is photo evidence #5. Alexander, my 3-year-old, ruined two dozen cookies by sticking his finger into each one! I told him all morning not to touch the cookies. I went upstairs for a few minutes, only to find him missing when I returned. He was hiding under the kitchen table saying "I sorry...I sorry!" I wanted to scream! lol
And lastly, last week I found a package in my mailbox! My blogger friend Kristin sent me this plaque! She knew my love for cupcakes and she thought it would be perfect for me! Well she's's too perfect, and I love it! Thank you so much Kristin! Check out Kristin's amazing blog "The Goat!"
Tomorrow is Ben's Christmas Party at school. So I'm going to go and finish making chocolate covered pretzels for him to pass out to his friends! I'll post photos from the party tomorrow! Have a wonderful night!