Sunday, January 23, 2011

Do you U Curl?

I am a girly girl. Ok I said it! lol As a teenager I wanted to be a man! I wasn't very girly. I hated the color pink and I played hockey! But as an adult and especially over the past few years I've turned into a girl! lol And now I cannot get enough of the color pink! I think it's because I live in a household with three males!

Here is my latest beauty product purchase. It's the "Infiniti U Curl" by Conair. Basically it's a wand that you wrap your hair around to create a curl! It comes with a glove so you don't burn your hands, but I find the glove very awkward, so I don't use it. And the wand gets hot...up to 400 degrees!

Let me tell you, I absolutely LOVE this iron! Here is a photo of my hair after I used the wand today. Reviews have said that the curl will last all day and even for a couple of days. I wash my hair once a day so I'm not sure how long the curl lasts, but I will say that it lasts all day long! Usually I use hot rollers, but since my hair is getting longer, the curls usually don't last all day. That's why I love this thing!

Oh and I must mention that this is me BEFORE I went to play hockey today! Yes, I do curl my hair and apply makeup before I get all hot and disgusting! lol I mean why bother? But like I said I'm now a girly girl! And that's how I roll! ;)
The size of the curl depends on how much hair you wrap around the wand and where on the wand you place the hair. I recommend this for people with at least shoulder length hair. My hair is shoulder length and at it's shortest layers I sometimes find it difficult to wrap around the iron. Anyway, just wanted to share my latest beauty secret with you! Oh and if you do decide to buy one....price them first. Most places sell them for $39 dollars. I found my at Walmart for $29! So that was awesome!

I had so much fun with my self-portrait today, I also wanted to share another fun photo with you. I know the lighting is really bad, but I love it this way! On the bottom left is a frog mosaic that I made for my bathroom!

But anyway, that's just one of my favorite beauty finds! I have a ton others that I will share with you another time!

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just jane said...

I am a makeup, lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara girl. My hair,though, gets very little attention. Yes, I own a blow dryer, and a curling iron, and some hair products. In the winter, I do make sure to dry my hair before I go outside. I adore hats, and I like the ones with ear flaps, and fur. My hair is always secondary. I do comb it at least once a day. Perhaps I will buy a U Curl, and give it a go. If I do, you will see pictures, that I can assure you!!!