Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today has been one of those days! I woke up at 8:15 am. Ben goes to school between 9:00-9:15. While normally this is enough time for me to make him breakfast and get him ready, I had to be out the door at the same time for a doctors appointment as well!

I showered and dried my hair. I also had to pack him snacks for the week. Even though I know he needs snacks at the beginning of each week, I somehow wait until the day that they are needed to pack them! I'm running around like crazy...Alex is throwing a fit because he doesn't want to share a blanket on the couch with Ben! I then realized that Ben needs a check written for school lunches! He needed a written excuse for missing yesterday at school! It always seems like I am waiting until the last minute to accomplish EVERYTHING!
I really need order in my life! I suffer from CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome)! I love that term! I got it from one of my many organizational books "Sink Reflections." Do you have a house of chaos? I wish I could have a house that stayed spotless every single day! One that I walked into and instantly felt calm and not anxious and overwhelmed! A house that didn't have cheerios under the couch cushions and socks thrown all over the living room! Oh socks...that's a whole other blog topic! lol

It seems like when I clean one room one room perfectly and go to the next, the boys destroy the room that I just organized! It's a vicious cycle! And I can never ever seem to catch up! They are 4 and 5-years-old and we tried everything! But when it comes down to it, I think they have way to many toys! We've packed a lot up and decided to only give them a small selection to play with and then switch them out every 6 months or so. But Alex had a birthday in December and then there was Christmas, so we are overwhelmed with toys again!

I feel like I never have enough time in the day to accomplish everything! Ben's Little Penguin's practice is every Thursday night and now he has the opportunity for another hockey program that is free for Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday! Because it's free, we jumped on the offer, so now he plays 4 days a week! As if I didn't already have enough going on! But it's just 12 weeks, I keep telling myself that!

So back to today....

I'm already late to my doctor's appointment, which is almost an hour away, and I first have to drop Alex off at my mom's. Alex didn't really want to go, but he was ok with it, or so I thought! He ended up falling asleep about 5 minutes away from my parent's house, so he was super crabby when he woke up. As I walked him up to the house, he began to scream: "I don't want to visit!" He stops on the sidewalk and my mom had to come down, pick him up, and carry him into the house! And yes, he's 4-years-old and is now going through the terrible twos! YIKES!

So I'm in a hurry trying to make it to my appointment and am going down back roads. I end up coming to a road that is closed, and that adds about 10 minutes to my travel time! I think the only plus to my day was that I found an empty parking spot at Panera Bread, so I was able to eat lunch there! ;)

Oh and did I mention that I went outside for about a minute earlier today to check on the dog? I came into the house to find Alex's shoe on the couch with his drink upside down inside it! Maybe he's looking for attention? It sort of reminds me of dogs who poop in their owner's shoes when they get mad at them! lol

I guess it's good that it wasn't my UGGs! I guess my day could always be worse! lol

Thank goodness that my husband is off for the next five days! I can always use the extra help! I love how my husband gives me a day to myself to craft and unwind! I see a tub soak in my future! :)

Oh and we are currently almost finished with our bathroom remodel! I have to do a couple finishing touches and then I'll share the before and after with you! I can't wait...it's BEACH THEMED! :)

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just jane said...

Your chaos sounds like fun, to me!!I am serious!!! You make me smile, and even though I know what chaos two little boys can be, I really miss it. Seriously, though, when Zack and Nate were small, we dedicated a closet in the livingroom as the toy closet. After they went to bed we fired the toys in there, out of sight. They were not organized, but why make work for yourself. The kids were happy, and it took only minutes to have a peaceful house. Oh,and pets made the house cheerio free, too!