Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Winter here in South Western Pennsylvania sure can be beautiful but sometimes it's just an inconvenience!

I don't have 4 wheel drive, so when I can venture out, I love looking at the beautiful snowy landscape!

Yes, I know that this is dangerous...but sometimes I like to take photos when I drive! lol Here is a shot of the beautiful trees that surrounded the highway!
 While I was driving I came across a bunch of black crows on the side of the road. I loved the contrast between the black birds and the snow. So I turned around and came back and they had already flown away! So here is a shot of them speckled among the trees.
Here is one of my favorite roads! And I especially love it in the Fall! The trees lining this back country road are just beautiful!
Wouldn't you just love a big beautiful house along this road? I know I would!
Also along this road was a farm, and I believe there was a pond under all of this snow! Why else would there be geese in the Winter? They must love this road as much as I do, because aren't they supposed to fly South when it's cold?
Hopefully it's warm in your part of the world. We are supposed to get a huge snowstorm either tomorrow or the following day!


Carrie said...

stay warm girl we don't have snow but it is raining like crazy! Beautiful pictures

Ruth Ann said...

Thanks Carrie...it's raining here now too...freezing rain! YUCK!

just jane said...

Ruth Ann you are an amazing photographer. Be safe. I loved the crows on the tree.

Rambling Girl said...

Wish we had snow like this...love those pictures!