Sunday, February 6, 2011

You're In Steeler Country

It's hard to find a street in my area that is not decorated with Steeler decorations! You'll find several houses that aren't decorated (including mine), but you can't go far without seeing the black and gold!

Even though I am not a football fan, I wanted to share some of my favorite local decorations!

They put a lot of effort and detail into decorating this house!
 I didn't catch it at the time but Alex yelled from the backseat...look at that giant bottle of "hot sauce!" It's not hot sauce, but Heinz Ketchup (a Pittsburgh made product)! I tried to convince him that it was "ketchup" but he didn't believe me! ;) I have seen a lot of inflatable decorations over the years, but never a giant ketchup bottle! lol
 Here is another view of the house. I love how they have made goal lines/yard lines (I think that is what they are called) in the grass. Usually we have snow, so that is probably why I have never noticed them before!
 Also to the side of their yard they have a little black and gold graveyard! Tomorrow they will probably be adding a "Green Bay" tombstone! ;)
 Here is another house. Love the sign: "You're In Steeler Country!"
I really wanted to get a photo of the sign that was hung at a local restaurant. It said we are now serving "Roethlis-burgers!"

Apparently it is a burger named after our quarterback Ben Roethlisberger! :)

Unfortunately, the sign was no longer up, so I couldn't get a photo for you!
I probably will not be watching the game...I'll probably flip back and forth. I'm just not a football kind of girl!

Also, I was surprised to hear that Pittsburgh City Schools have a 2 hour delay in the morning! And this is just because of the Superbowl! I'm glad that we live outside of the city. I would be upset if our school was delayed for something as stupid as football! But like I said before Pittsburgers take their football very seriously! ;)

Have a safe and fun Superbowl Sunday!


just jane said...

Smiles to you, from your Wisconsin friend. I am in Packer country, as you know. People decorate in their team colors all year long. I personally know people who decorate their entire Christmas tree in Packer decor. CRAZY! And the cheesehead hats! Ugly, but worn with honor, I guess. Me, I plan to watch a movie, during the big game. Have fun!!!

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Sure...just be sure to mentione that I recieved it in a email, can't really believe we lost just not the Steeler way!


Kim @ It's a Crafty Life said...

Too people who take their football seriously! :-)