Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fairies Out...Gnomes In!

Awhile back I blogged about our "Fairy Door." You can read about that HERE It's a tiny little door in our dining room on the floor and it's where the fairies live. The "fairies" would leave the boys little notes and treats in the mailbox and the boys had a lot of fun with it. But then like all things when you get super fades away. Ben and I started talking about the fairy door last night, and I told him that the fairy must have moved away because all of the dust on her doorstep. I honestly think she got way to busy with taking her kids to hockey practice, painting, cleaning, and laundry...but I didn't tell him that! ;).

So before bed, Ben wanted to write the fairy a little note and leave it in her mailbox. It says: "I hope you enjoy." And he also left her an Andes Candy! She like Santa Claus LOVES Andes Candies and coffee! ;)
 Here he is putting the note and Andes Candy into her mailbox with hopes she will find it and enjoy!
 And this morning Ben checked the mailbox and the note said: "Thank you Ben! From Mr. Gnome...enjoy!" And Mr. Gnome left Ben a "Crabby Patty!"

Apparently the fairies have moved out and the gnomes have taken over! :)
So in the next couple of days we will be decorating the "Gnome Door" with St. Patrick's Day decorations! I'll be sure to share what we come up with!

And hopefully this Spring I'm going to create my own set of "Gnome/Fairies Doors" for my Etsy Shop! So stay tuned for that!


just jane said...

Ahhh!!! How charming. I just love how trusting and accepting little boys are. So sweet!!! Thank you for reminding me how nice having little guys was. There are tears in my eyes!

Kristin - The Goat said...

Gnomes!! I love it. I've been thinking about getting my nieces a fairy door, but I don't want to impose a project on my sister.

Marci said...

I love love love this idea. You are such an amazing mother!