Friday, March 26, 2010

Fairies Gather Here

A few years ago I was inspired by this website that talked about Fairy Doors in the town of Ann Arbor. I thought it was so creative and cool, and I just knew I wanted to get one for my boys! About a year or two ago when Value City Department Store went out of business, I found this Fairy Door and immediately bought it!

Back then our house was being remodeled and was a complete mess! I stored it away and remembered about it today when I was in a craft store! I was in the miniature section of the store, and I thought the little potted plants would look so cute outside of the Fairy Door that I had stored away. I bought the plants, the little red chair, and the mailbox. Don't they look cute outside? Please ignore the grout in the photo along the bottom of the wall. We don't have the oak trim up yet in this part of the room, the little door will sit above the trim.
Alex was so excited when I told him about the Fairy Door. He wanted to leave a little treat for the "fairy" inside the mailbox. He thought the fairy would love a Hershey Kiss in pink foil....and I love it...I mean the FAIRY loves it! ;)

Ben on the other hand is one smart little cookie for being 4-years-old! He asked: "Won't the fairy get squished?" And I asked "why?" He said: "It'll get squished because there is a wall behind the door, and there is nowhere for the fairy to go!"

I figured the mailbox would be a cool tool for leaving the boys little notes of encouragement and such!
Here is the front stoop of the Fairy Door. Don't the little plants add such a cute welcoming touch? I can't wait to make some Easter decorations for this little door! The problem is is that I will have to make everything by hand since it's such a small little door!
I'll add more photos in a few days when I get it all decorated for Easter! Our next little project is making Fairy Garden! I can't wait for that! Hopefully in the next couple of months I will dust off the scroll saw and add some Fairy Doors or Gnome Doors to my Etsy site!


Kirby3131 said...

There is an Etsy seller that has Fairie doors - I've wanted to get one for my nieces, but of course I haven't. I don't know if it's something that my sister wants to do. I guess I should ask her :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE the door and the decorations. You will have those boys decorating the Fairie spot in no time :)

You are such fun :)

Lisa McGill said...

I love, love this idea! So creative and cute!!! You are such an awesome mom!!

Loria said...

what a fun idea ..i've never heard of this before. My daughter and I once made a toad habitat - you know my love of non-fluffy pets .. anyway, we had a blast making it outside .. the fairy door will create a ton of fun memories for all of you ... :)

Darlene said...

I think that is an adorable idea!!! The door and all the little extras is just precious!

luci said...

gorgeous and brilliant!