Monday, February 21, 2011

A Peek Into My Art Journal

This is week 3 of my online "Sketchbook Delight" class! And I am loving it! Last weeks lesson was about finding your inspiration or "muse." I have realized that there are soo many things around me that are inspiring...that have great textures and beautiful colors! I really learned to open my eyes and see all the detail, that I normally overlook!

Last week I found some old corn cobs in our garage for our squirrel. They had such wonderful texture. I knew I must capture it in my art journal. It wasn't Indian Corn, but I love the colors of Autumn so I made it into Indian Corn! :)
 Another view.
And I have many inspiring photos on file that I have taken over the years. I have been looking back at old photos and they just speak to me now! I love putting them down on paper! I'm not a realist type of artist, I love the whimsical dreamy look of art, so that's how I create!

Here is a nest that was built by a killdeer in the middle of my sister's driveway! I love how unique it was and I am sooo glad that I was able to photograph it! I've been drawn to bird nests lately, so you may be seeing a lot more of them!
Here is my take on the bird nest. I journaled around the painting. I used watercolor, pencil, colored pencil, and markers.
Another angle.
And by far the most inspirational place I have been to recently was our trip to the beach this past summer! I didn't realize how inspired I was until after I came home and missed it tremendously! I cannot wait to go to the beach again this summer and take my watercolors and just paint on the beach!

Here was our view from the campground we stayed at called "Castaways" in Berlin, Maryland. We stayed on the bay side and in the distance you can see Assateague Island.
I should have varied the colors of blue, but since I am just beginning with watercolors I am ok with it. I had an inspirational moment and just went with it.
And I did the journaling on the sand.
Another view.
I religiously work in my art journal everyday! I have been going through some tough times lately, and art is a great escape for me! I am seeing the world with a whole new view, and I LOVE it! :)


just jane said...

Ruth, you just reminded me of a time when I sat on the beach, with my Mom, who was an artist in the truest sense, and sketched, and painted all day long. I thank you for reminding me of something so special, in my life. I like your perspective, and your use of color. Your talent is emerging with the springtime. I look forward to more of these beauties. Thank you, my friend.

Kristin - The Goat said...

You are such a talented artist - I always knew that, but I thought it was just blogging and photography and cute costumes - I had no idea that you could draw and paint, too.

You are so extremely talented and such a joy to your family. Explore all of it, draw, paint, sculpt, camp, play with your kids, love your husband, play in the sand, play in the snow, ice skate, play basketball and ride trains :)