Monday, January 17, 2011

My Little Pittsburgh Penguin

We had a very busy and exciting weekend! Benjamin, my five-year-old, started "The Little Penguins-Learn To Play Hockey" program! He has never played hockey before, or even ice skated for that matter, but we had the opportunity to participate and went for it!
He was all smiles when he first got his equipment, and even wanted to watch tv while he was wearing it! I'm just loving the little helmet and the itty bitty skates! They are soo adorable!
 Sidney Crosby, who is the captain of our professional hockey team, The Pittsburgh Penguins sponsors the program each year! He is a spokesman for Reebok, so all the children participating got full gear! Through The Pittsburgh Penguins (Sidney Crosby), Dicks Sporting Goods, and Reebok they gave children all over the Pittsburgh area the chance to be able to play hockey at an astonishing price! It only cost $100 and that included all the ice time, full equipment, and 12 weeks of lessons! You cannot beat that! If anyone knows anything about hockey, it can cost up to $1000 just to play for one season! This is the perfect opportunity to see if he really likes the sport and wants to play...and it's easy on pocket! ;)
 So Ben will be playing every Thursday for the next 12 weeks! I just love this profile picture of him! It's soo cute, and he looks so deep in thought. He's probably thinking...what have I gotten myself into?! lol
 Here he when he first got on the ice! You can't really tell, but the boy kneeling behind him is holding him up! lol Poor Ben just couldn't get the hang of just standing on the ice! He wanted to keep moving his feet, which caused him to fall repeatedly! lol
 For those who don't know, this is how they teach kids to skate. The kids that cannot skate or stand up by themselves are given big buckets to push around the ice! At first Ben was hunched over the bucket and by the end of the hour he was standing up straight and even skated a little on his own!
 I played hockey in high school, so luckily I was out on the ice with him and was able to help him skate. It's been about 15 years, and my feet were killing me! Especially since I had to skate backwards most of the time as I was watching Ben skate! lol
 Towards the end of the skate I let Ben hold onto his stick as I skated backwards. I figured it would give him a better idea of actually skating, if he was standing upright doing it himself. Like I said, it worked and hopefully by the end of our next skate, he'll be able to skate on his own!
 Here we are taking a little rest!
 Since I have had experience playing in the past, they will be letting me help out on the ice! I am soo excited! I love hockey soo much and love working with kids! So this will be a good fit for me! So I won't be taking a ton of photos during the program obviously since I will be on the ice. But I will try to have my husband take some.

Just for laughs, I wanted to share a photo from when I played hockey. I was about 17-years-old when this photo was taken! I absolutely fell in love with the sport and hope that Ben does too!
Traveling to games and playing hockey was one of the best memories that I had of childhood!

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