Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Biggest Loser

In this society I think we over indulge with everything! And when it comes to our pets most of us like to spoil them! And it was no surprise to me when I was in the pet store last week and came across this product.

Since then I've seen it on tv almost daily! My dog Allie was at the vets this past week with a reoccuring foot problem. At her appointment we discovered that she is even heavier than she was this past summer. She weighed 14 pounds this past summer and she now weighs 16 pounds! Because of her extra weight, it may be hard to tell but she is a chihuahua mix!
This is what she looked like when she was about a year old! Here she is with Ben. I think what has happened over the years is that she is consuming all the food that the boys have dropped on the floor as babies and toddlers!
Not to mention some intentional feedings I imagine!
  Here is a photo I took of her tonight! She is pacing by her food dish...crying and whining because today is day two of her diet program! And I can totally relate with how she feels because I am a total beast when I am dieting! I just feel soo badly for her! While we don't usual give her table food, we just always feed her when she wants to eat. Which is a couple of bowls full at a time, a couple times a day. She'll go to her dish and cry or follow you around the house barking at your feet and you know she wants to eat, so we fill her bowl! Well that was a big mistake!

 For a dog of her size, the diet program only allows you to give her two of these packets of food A DAY! That's why I feel soo badly because it is such a small amount compared to what she normally eats. Look how tiny the packet on the left is! And she only can have just two per day! And the packet on the right is the amount of treats she can eat! And she is allowed just one of these treat packets a day! Normally she doesn't like dog biscuits like these, but she's so hungry that she eats them anyways!
So I fed her a one packet around 8 o'clock this morning. And the other packet around 6 o'clock this evening! She had one biscuit around lunchtime and then the other at bed! The program states that 96% of dogs lose weight within the first month! That is IF you follow the plan! Today she was soo consumed with hunger that she manged to climb the boys chair and jump on the couch and steal a graham cracker from Alex's bowl! But I don't blame her, I'm like that too when I am starved! lol ;)

The plan was a little get a 5 week supply (for small breeds) for around $44. But if it works, that is what is important...I want her to be around for a very long time! And at this rate her obesity isn't very good for her health!
With this program they are supposed to lose 1% of their body weight per week! I'll have to keep you updated!


Dysfunctional Mom said...

Did they suggest anything else to give her? I have fostered lots of dogs and would give green beans or carrots to the overweight dogs; they actually like them and they are practically no calories.

just jane said...

I, too have a chihuahua. She is a long haired beggar. Those big eyes get me every time. Her favorite treat is cheese, followed by any people food, and cat food. I have a 17 year old cat, and I think Katie, the dog eats more of his food than he does. She doe not have a weight problem, yet, but we get a lot of exercise. She is my personal trainer!!!

just jane said...

Here it is, my email address. I am also on Facebook. I will put a picture of Katie, my chihuahua, and Iggy, my cat up. He is the big white fur ball on my page.