Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas...A little late!

I know, I's nearly a whole month after Christmas, but I just had to share these cute photos of the boys, and then I'll be all caught up with my blog! lol

Every year I buy them matching pajamas. It's a tradition...I just love watching them open presents in their matching pajamas! It makes for great photos too!

Here they are waiting at the top of the stairs before they come down and open presents! They get sooo excited waiting!
 Here they are sitting together opening presents. It was a big year for Star Wars!
 I like to take a formal photo around Christmas time, so I have one year to year. This is this year's photo. Here's Alex.
 And here's Ben. I think they turned out really cute!
 And here is our family Christmas photo (Allie our dog included)! It was tough taking a photo's so hard to get everyone with a nice smile. This isn't perfect, but oh well...I thought it was cute! lol
Hope everyone out there had a wonderful Christmas! I wish I was able to send each one of you a holiday card!