Friday, January 21, 2011

Bucket Boy No More!

If you read my last post you know that Ben couldn't skate his first time on the ice. But by the end of his first time he was able to skate just a little!

Yesterday was his second time on the ice however, and he didn't use a bucket! He skated the whole hour and a half on his own! I was sooo proud of him! He did great, and even scored two goals! He still falls alot, but it's amazing that he is doing so well!
 I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but because of my past hockey experience I am helping out with the program! Here I am teaching some kids how to skate! Aren't they soo adorable and tiny?! lol I'm not tall at all, I'm only 5'6", so you can see in comparison of how very little some of them are!
I absolutely LOVE teaching the kids! I think now that I am older, plus I'm a mom, I have a ton of patience and it's soo rewarding too! One little boy fell backwards and hit his head on the ice. I was standing right there and I said: "You're all right!" And he responded in his tiny little voice: "No I'm not!" lol It was the funniest thing made me laugh! He was ok, he wasn't hurt, and he never cried. 

I totally forgot what a workout hockey is! I was completely drenched with sweat after our last practice! lol  It was sooo gross! I felt like I sweat off five pounds! Hopefully I'll lose a little weight at least!

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just jane said...

I thank you for the images of a hockey rink. My son, Zack, was passionate about the sport. Unfortunately his attention turned to other things, in his teen years. Just seeing those little people, made my cheeks ache with smiles.