Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Cookies and Treats Bags-OH MY!

Benjamin's Halloween party is tomorrow, so yesterday I volunteered to bake sugar cookies! Why I always volunteer to make something that is complicated is beyond me! I mean it may not be complicated to some people, but with two toddlers, and coming down with a virus myself, it was way too much for me to handle!

So after I dropped Ben off for school yesterday, I went to the store and bought my baking supplies. I proceeded to make the dough and then bake the cookies. I baked at least three dozen cookies and then I had to go pick Ben up from school. On my way to pick him up, it popped into my head that I didn't add the salt to the recipe! And I had used unsalted butter! When I came home ,I tasted them, and they tasted "ok" but left a weird after taste! Ben said they were good of course, but you know how kids are....they find sand and dirt delicious! lol

So I looked at the recipe, and I realized that I left out the baking powder too! Where is my mind?!! I blame it on the Nyquil that I had the night before, but my friend had referred to it as "mom haze!" So I threw that batch in the garbage and started over again! By this time I was feeling really sick! My throat was raw and my body ached! But I knew I had to continue, because I may feel worse the following day!

Finally at 11:45 last night I was finally finished decorating them! This is only my second time working with royal icing, so they're not perfect! But I'm sure any 4 year-old will love them!

Today I woke up feeling even more sick! I could barely talk, my throat is still raw, and I have a bad cough! I'm just praying that I don't get a fever so I could go to Ben's Halloween party tomorrow!

Today I put together his little treat bags for his classmates. I'm not really big into giving my kids candy, so I wanted a treat free alternative! I decided to give each child a container of playdoh and a Halloween cookie cutter! I wanted to personalize the playdoh, so I put our own label on each container! At first I tried putting one on top of the playdoh label, but it looked like crap! I then decided to peel off each label...which was a huge PAIN! But here is what they look like 24 containers later! :)

A huge stack of playdoh fun!
Here is what the treat bags looked like with the cookie cutter inside! I really think they turned out cute!
Tomorrow is his party and I will try to post the photos either tomorrow or on Thursday! I'm very excited! If I'm feeling better, I will be dressing up! But I'm not telling what I'm wearing...you'll have to come back and see for yourself! Have a great night!


Rambling Girl said...

Oh girl, I hope you feel better. It seems like the bug is hitting our house also...Lexi is on the couch with fever. She is going to the doctor tomorrow...Hope it is nothing major.

Love the treats you made...oh and the cookies look pretty great to me!

Carrie said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Those are some great treats and the cookies are wonderful!

Catherine Anne said...

How cute!

Loria said...

The cookies are so pretty. You can find bulk sugar cookie dough at certain stores and that will cut your time in half. Another suggestion for next year is to back the cookies and let the kids frost and decorate as part of the halloween party. The playdough idea was great!