Sunday, August 16, 2009

Countdown to the Wiggles!

The Wiggles concert in Pittsburgh is two days away! I am very excited! This will be our third year of seeing them! They are fantastic! Even if I didn't have children I would probably still go to their shows anyway!

If they come to your area, it is definitely worth the money to see them! I'm excited because this year will be Alex's first time at going! We felt he was too little to go in the past, and this year at 2 1/2 it's a great age to sit and enjoy a show! He especially loves watching musicals on tv, so this will be perfect for him! They put on such a magical show! Here is a photo of one of the dance routines. They have the most vibrant costumes and it's soo energetic and really holds the children's attention!
Here is Anthony and Dorothy the Dinosaur!
Here I am meeting Anthony (he's my favorite Wiggle...can you blame me)?!!! But you know Richard Gere is still my #1...right! Anthony comes in at a close second!Here's Ben in the outfit that I made for him! He's holding the car that he gotten autographed. I swear the kids want to play with that car all the time, but it's just for display and I won't let them...does that make me a bad mother? lol Please don't answer that!

Look at the cute hat that I made, and the cute patched jeans! This year I didn't have time to coordinate two matching outfits for my boys! So, I have this pair from last year that Alex will fit into, but cannot find the fabric to coordinate a second matching outfit. Sooo, tomorrow I think I will head to Joann Fabrics and find some fabric to whip together a matching outfit! Like I said, I don't have the time...but it's for a good cause and makes such great photos! I'll be sure to post photos on Wednesday! :) I really do think that since there is four of us and four Wiggles that my whole family should dress like them. We could all wear different colored shirts! lol The problem is I cannot get my husband to agree on such an idea! Too bad, I was liking that idea!
And one last is Ben with one of the backup dancers (Benny). I think it's such a cute photo eventhough my Ben looks very frightened!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Attack Of The Baby Elephant

A few weeks ago we went to The Pittsburgh Zoo. We had a great time and we especially enjoyed the Elephants! We happened to be there in the early afternoon when the habitats were being cleaned, and the following movie was the cutest thing we have ever seen! I could just stand there all day and watch this adorable little elephant!
The man being chased was actually there making sure the elephants didn't get near two girl workers who were cleaning the habitat. He pushed on one of the adult elephants and guided him away from the two workers, and apparently the baby didn't like that at all...and this was what happened! (If you want to hear the baby elephant making noise, be sure to turn off my music player on the right hand side of my blog)!

Here are some additional photos!

Isn't nature AMAZING!