Sunday, April 17, 2011

Goals Scored & Goals Prevented!

I know that I usually start off by saying life has been so chaotic and that's why I'm not keeping up with my blog. But I couldn't be any more honest! I fell and hit my head during one of my hockey games and got a slight I've been taking it easy this past week!
But last two weeks have been especially crazy! Ben had 2 hockey programs going at once and soccer as well!
For example, one Saturday morning he had soccer photos at 9:10 am and then hockey practice from 10:00-11:00 am. Then he had a soccer game that started at 11:00 am! It's impossible to be at two places at one time, so we missed half of his soccer game. The good news though, once we got there Ben scored three goals! I love this photo...he gets so excited when he scores!

One good thing about hockey is that it's helping him with his soccer. Ben used to be the type of kid who didn't go after the ball. Now, he totally goes after the ball and tries to hold the other kids back!
 Luckily, soccer was canceled today because of rain! It was super nice not to have to rush around after hockey practice!

This past Thursday was the last of Ben's "Little Penguins Learn to Play Hockey" program. This was the program that started at the end of January. If you remember this was Ben's first time on ice. He pushed a little bucket around so he didn't fall down.
And here is Ben this past Thursday! He's a goalie now, and he's having the time of his life! Not bad for only being on skates for nearly three months!
 Sooo cute! I love how he's smaller than the net!
 And he can stop the puck with his eyes closed! lol
 It's soo sad that this was the last of this program! We had such a great time and the people at the rink went above and beyond to make this a great experience!
 I'm soo proud of every single participant! The majority of the kids started out not knowing how to skate and most of them just whip around the ice now! It's amazing to see them progress!
 It's not everyday you can get your photo taken with a Stanley Cup Replica. But all Ben can think of is eating the ice! lol He must find this tasty, because when it snows he always outside eating the snow! lol At least my snow cone machine will get a lot of use this summer!
 I'm sooo proud of big Ben! :) Hopefully he'll be holding the Stanley Cup over his head again in another 15 years or so! :)
I'm soo proud of him! :)

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