Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm very sad!

It has been a very sad two days. Yesterday, I re-homed Dixie! Several people were interested, but nothing ever worked out! A couple weeks ago, someone was interested and had me hold her for a week until they could pick her up. Well they changed their mind at the last minute! This happened with two different people. Another person wanted her as an outside dog, but I couldn't see her tied up everyday! I thought if I couldn't find someone who was a perfect fit, we would end up keeping her.

So one night after placing an ad her on Petfinder, I prayed for the right owners. The next day I got a telephone call from an older lady who had recently lost their Golden Retriever. They were looking for a companion someone that they could spoil and love! The couple that I found, or found me, are retired. They will be at home with her all the time, and will definitely be keeping her as an inside pet. As a matter of fact, although she is kennel trained, they do not want to ever put her in a cage! I only did that at night and while I was away so she didn't chew everything apart! lol But they don't seem to mind.

We even told the couple that Dixie gets severely carsick. The lady said if it was a problem she would give up the front seat and let Dixie sit in her place! So sweet!

I live in Southwestern Pennsylvania and they live in Northeastern Pennsylvania! They decided to come a little over halfway and we met at a rest stop on the turnpike. It was such a dreary day. It rained all day and it was just blah! Not to mention having to give my baby away!

I cried ALOT! And the older gentleman offered to buy me a sandwich! Men always seem to be uncomfortable around women who are crying! lol

But I showed them every last tooth she got in, her favorite toys, and every last detail! It was soo hard! I'm the one who has been with her everyday for the last 3 months! I'm crying as I type this, it's soo hard for me.

Today I found a sippy cup that Dixie took and chewed the top off! I cried!

Drying my hair with the hair dryer made me cry too! She always loved the hair dryer! I always would blow it in her face!

Even though I miss her terribly, the stress and noise level has gone down by at least 60% or more! There was so much chaos in this house with her around, not to mention the stress!

When someone would show interest in adopting Dixie, the main question is "Why?" They would ask: "Why are you giving her up?" I would always e-mail them this photo! This was the chaos that has been my house for the last three months! Two dogs and two toddlers was too much for me to handle, and that's what I told them! Look at the expression on Ben's face! Priceless!
Even though I miss my baby, I'm enjoying the quiet afternoon!


Darlene said...

Oh I know that had to be a hard day for you. But, the great news is that it sounds like you found Dixie the PERFECT home! I know the older couple will LOVE her to death and they will be home to care for her like she is their baby.

Kirby3131 said...

Oh honey, I'm sure it was a tough time trying to find her a home and also trying to keep her. You did a great job in finding the perfect home for her.

Your tears will come for other things in the near future - I'm sure a lot of those tears are just from the frustration you've felt for the past few months. I'm so proud of you.

Carrie said...

I am so sorry but it sounds like she is going to a good home.

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

I'm glad you were picky about who you gave her up to and I'm so happy she found what sounds like the perfect place for her.