Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ugh! Has this ever happened to you?

Update: I can't believe I left this part out, but yes I did get out of the dress. I took a couple minutes for some deep breathing or as much as I could breathe in a dress like that. And I bent over like I was touching my toes and shimmied it off! Thanks Kristen for reminding me I left that part out!

Did you ever have one of those days? One of those weeks? It's been crazy lately. The kitchen is torn apart for remodel! I have no stove. I either grill, crock pot, or order out. Who knows how long it'll be before my kitchen is put back together.

Half of our living room has kitchen belongings in it such as the refrigerator, unplugged stove, and dining room table! From gutting the kitchen there is fine black coal type dust that has floated all over the rest of the house! Everything is covered in this dust! I'm ready to pull my hair out!

Also, my niece is getting married in 2 days so I've been scrambling all over the area to find last minute outfits for the entire family. I spent the last two days shopping and just when I thought I had it all, I'm going to have to take everything back tomorrow! Ugh!

This is where the funny story comes in:

Yesterday I was in Burlington trying on dresses. I tried on several and nothing seemed to fit!There was one dress that was the type that you have to pull over your head because there is no zipper. Well it was a little snug and for some reason I pulled it over my chest anyway. BIG MISTAKE! I couldn't get it off! I panicked! My muscles spasm and get sore from the fibromyalgia that I have, so my arms were giving out and I was exhausted! I couldn't pull super hard because the main material of the dress was very fragile and would rip!

All of these thoughts were running through my head:

I thought do I try to squeeze into it and walk out to the cash register, explain the situation, and scan myself in this dress and wear it home?

Do I ask some stranger to come in to my dressing room to help free me from the dress that was attacking me?! lol That would be utter humiliation I don't want some stranger seeing me this way! It would be different if I had a super model body, but I don't!

I was about 45 minutes away from home, so I couldn't just call my husband to come and help me! lol

No matter what I tried on the past couple of days, nothing seemed to look right! It was a huge wake up call for me that I need to get in shape! Ever since I had kids I have completely let myself go!

Tonight I went to JcPenney. They had a ton of cute summer dresses. I tried several on. I finally found one that I like. This is what I'll be wearing to the wedding. It's the same dress except mine has a pink bow on it instead of a black one!

So my big lesson through all of this is never go dress shopping alone and NEVER NEVER try on dresses without zippers! ;)


Kirby3131 said...

So...... Did you get out of the dress? What did you do?? Nothing like leaving me on the edge of a cliff!

Tomorrow on Ruth Ann's blog...will she or won't she. Tune in tomorrow to see.

I can't imagine not having a kitchen. I hope your remodel goes smoothly and quickly. Please tell me that you're taking photos, lot of photos.

Darlene said...

Hehehe OK so I know it wasn't funny at the moment but it is funny when you tell the story. I am VERY leary of dresses without zippers...always scared I might get stuck. That dress you ended up with looks adorable!!

Amber M. said...

Oh, you poor thing! The dress you found is super cute, though, so I'm glad it turned out okay:-).

Shawnee said...

oh, I feel your pain! Glad you found a dress.

I'm also in the Nancy Drew Swap - sounds like fun.