Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Potty Training-FINALLY!

Warning!!!!! This post will be about the Joys of Potty Training. I will be talking about many potty issues, so please do not be offended!

I forgot to mention in my lengthy post yesterday that we've been busy with potty training the last couple of weeks! FINALLY! Ben will be 4-years-old on July 31st...I was beginning to lose hope! I thought he'd be graduating from High School in diapers! But I am one who doesn't believe in pushing him. That was alot of the advice that we got from others. Every child is different, so I waited it out. We tried and tried, he just was never ready. I was never pushy about it, we just talked about it often.

There was one day a few months ago that he said he wanted to wear "big boy" underwear. Well we let him wear them and told him that he needed to get us if he had to use the bathroom. Anyway I was right there watching him and all of a sudden he said: "I have to use the potty." I looked and by this time he had already gone! It was like he didn't realize that he had to go until after he had gone! Anyway we put another pair of underwear on him and this continued several times that day until he got frustrated and asked to be back in diapers. I felt then that he just wasn't ready. He's a smart boy and if he was ready he would be the one to know.
So he wanted to try again about 2 weeks ago. This time we told him he could wear "big boy" pull-ups. Well it worked! He had an accident free first day! It was so exciting, and he was so proud! The second day was a disappointment, he had several accidents but that was due to his laziness. He didn't want to stop playing to use the bathroom, but that has finally passed! He has even conquered standing up to go, which was exciting especially since public restrooms are usually dirty.
The only issue we are having is going #2! For several days when he started potty training, he didn't have a bowel movement. Well when he finally had one it was in his pull-up. And this has continued for over a week! We've tried everything! We tried taking away his privileges like his computer games and cartoons. But nothing so far has worked and we have been consistent with the punishments. But I don't like punishing him over it because I don't want him to regress back into diapers. Today I was so frustrated because I have been so sick and my patience was running out. I wanted so badly to stick a diaper back on him, but like I said I don't think that's a good idea. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do?

I thought about the book called "Everyone Poops!" But it was sold out at Barnes and Noble. I did however find the following book called "Where's the Poop?"But this book didn't really help like I thought it would! Believe me I am desperate, especially when I'm buying children's books about "poop!" So any advice would be greatly appreciated!
The sticker chart at the top of this post is a really cool system that I found at Dollar General for $2.00! It's a coloring book with a potty poster inside and a fold out poster like the one pictured about that you can put stickers on each time they go! It really helped with his pottying success! It also came with 100 stickers! As you can see Week 1 was such a hit! This past week (Week 2) he's been pottying by himself alot and can't reach the chart...plus, the sticker novelty has worn off too! So every once in awhile you'll see a sticker, but he's done so well this past week- it should be filled up as well! Maybe I need to make a special "Poop Sticker Chart?" I don't know I need something...I'm running out of ideas! But I'll keep you updated!
Oh, and I did promise a special "Potty Party" after he has completed Potty Training. This is a pizza party for a couple of relatives. From the beginning he's know about this party as well as a gift that he gets to pick out himself....still no pooping success! Maybe I need to revisit the store where he seen the fireman outfit that he wants!?
Ruth Ann


Kirby3131 said...

I feel for ya, but honey I didn't have children and have not had to do any kind of potty training with anyone but my cat - and I just stuck her in the litter box. LOL

Love ya,

Rambling Girl said...

Ruth Ann....Boys seem to be harder than little girls but I have done both. Each were different also. With all my children I just let them take the time and when they were ready they did it. I did not force or threatned them...I know some people do but I don't think that is right. I also bribed but sometimes it worked and then sometimes it didn't. For us it just took time and at their pace. He will be completly potty trained when he is ready...so don't worry to much. Love all the things you have bought to help though. I bought a potty book that has a button that sounds like a toilet flushing from Walmart. They still sell them and Lexi loved this and always knew what she was going to do but when it came to poop she would go to a corner and do it in the pull up. She would not on the potty until she was ready. I would get ill but soon relized until she was not scared to do it in there I had to be patient...which was hard when I knew she knew what to do...it was up to when she was ready and not me.