Saturday, June 18, 2011

Beach-Day 2

We're having a wonderful time in Maryland! Today we went into the town of Berlin to the Farmer's Market and to eat lunch at Rayne's Reef!

I absolutely LOVE Berlin! It's soo small town and reminds me alot of South Western Pennsylvania. The only difference is that all of our old stores are shut down and boarded up!
 Last year when we visited Berlin, I blogged about meeting this cute little Golden Retriever. Well guess what? He was in exactly the same place since I last saw him! Right in front of his owner's business! See him laying down outside the door? He is absolutely adorable! And I found out that his name is Brady!
 I talked again to Brady's owner (I apologize, because I didn't get his name) and he said that he has read my blog and recognized my boys! lol

This was very exciting because I have never met anyone who has read my blog before! :)

I love this shot of Brady, if you click on the photo to enlarge it, it looks like he is smiling as he basks in the sun!

I am going back into town in the next couple of days to take some photos. I'll have to get the owner's name.
 Here's me and Alex as we wait for our lunch at Rayne's Reef! They have the most delicious food in this quaint little diner! I had a tuna salad wrap, which was yummy, and Alex had french fries only! lol
 Chris had a tuscan chicken wrap, which he enjoyed, and Ben ate two hot dogs! Besides seeing Brady again, I think this little lunch spot is another reason I must go back to town in the next couple of days! ;)
 I love how beautiful and quaint this little town is! The details in the signs are amazing...everything is just amazing and wonderful to look at!
 And the store windows are dressed so beautifully as well!
 Last year when I had visited this store (Victorian Charm) she had a Vera Bradley window display. I was quite tickled when I saw this window display cause we all know how much I love Richard Gere! :)

At the bottom left of the window you can almost see the little white dog that is lying there. He lays there all day long, and was there last year as well! One little tip...he's not very friendly...not like Brady at all!
 After spending the afternoon in Berlin, we went back to the campground where we got these shots!
The boys had such a great time! And I look forward to going back to Main Street in Berlin sometime soon! I am going alone because there are a lot of antique stores and places where I do not want my 4 and 5-year-old inside! lol Oh and I plan to take my bike there are a lot of places that I want to photograph!

Tomorrow we are going to Asseategue Island...I cannot wait! :)

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