Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Growing up too fast!

Kids grow up too fast! My son had his three year checkup today. He was weighed on the "big boy" scale and even had his blood pressure taken with a tiny little cuff! Where did my baby go?

They gave him a full check up and even a flu shot and he never cried once! What a big boy! It seems that since he has turned three, he has developed into an independent little boy. He no longer cries when he goes to the barber and today was the first time he didn't cry at the doctor's office. Time sure does fly by fast!

I remember the first couple days after we brought him home from the hospital....
My husband and I had no experience with babies, we had no sleep (cause you know how it is with babies), and we realized our whole world changed. I remember we were both crying and hugging just a complete mess- cause we had no idea how much responsibility a baby was!
It's just funny looking back at memories like that! I can't believe something like that got us all stressed and upset! But I guess that's what all new parents go through....on your own with this totally dependent little person and with no instruction manual!

Oh, and I forgot to mention...I was running late to the doctor's appointment (as usual) cause we live about 40 minutes from the doctor- so I was taking all these back country roads..anyway as I was driving fast my three year old Benjamin said: "Mom, you drive like a roller coaster!" I thought that was soo funny, I just had to share that with you!

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Ruth Ann


Betsy said...

I am taking my little one to his two year check up tomorrow. I hope he does not cry with his shots. They grow way too fast

Ginger said...

Hi Ruth Ann:
Thanks for visiting my blog.
What a big boy...didn't cry when he got his flu shot. That's pretty unusual. I remember back when my kids were little and they would start crying just pulling into the parking lot at the doctor's office.
You are so right, they grow up fast. It doesn't seem possible my youngest (twin boys) are 32. I can remember bringing them home from the hospital and thinking "How soon before they start school"? lol. Well, it was a bad first night, what can I say.

echoeve said...

time really does fly by fast.
sometimes when I look at my children I can't believe how big they are