Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I know in a couple hours Halloween will be over, but I wanted to get my Halloween decorations posted because tomorrow I'll be taking them down! Just a warning, we're in the middle of a huge remodel so I still have ugly carpeting and dry wall! I can't wait until it's complete!

Here is my mantle, it's jammed packed full of Halloween decor! I took a $3.00 grapevine wreath from Walmart and added some basic things to it like the bones and skeletons that I found at the Dollar Tree. Next is my seasonal tree that I keep up all year. I pierced a hole in a dollar faux pumpkin that I found at Walmart, and stuck it on top as the tree topper. I also found the colored lights there as well. The skeletons were part of a garland that I found at the Dollar Tree, but I took the garland apart and made them into individual ornaments. I planned on making more ornaments for it, but Halloween came so quickly! I even planned on making a Halloween Mantle Scarf, but didn't get around to it! I think next year I'm going to make a list of the projects that I want to complete by a certain Holiday. For example, I'll probably start in August making decor for Halloween!
Next is the faux pumpkin that I painted a couple weeks ago at my One Stroke Painting Class. And next is my table, tacky I know. But the important things is that it brings a smile to my kid's faces! My son has to show everyone that comes over our Halloween decorations! He's so proud!

I kept my table set daily during the whole Halloween Season. It made me happy just to look at a totally set and decked out table! I just removed the skeleton plates when we were ready to eat dinner. I purchased these plates at the Dollar Tree. I was going to use them, but didn't want them to get all scratched up. I figured I'd keep them out for decorations that I could use again year after year. I also purchased the black placemats at the Dollar Tree as well. Closeup of the plate and placemat.The next photo is of a candleholder that was brass, and I sprayed painted it off white. I know, black would have looked so much nicer for Halloween, but I wanted to keep this particular candleholder out all year. I thought off white would be more appropriate considering the other Holidays. If you look at the photo directly below this one, you'll see the original state of the candleholder. I'm currently on the look out for a similar one, cause I think a black one would look awesome at Halloween! Also, check out the little black crow that is perched on the candleholder! Isn't he cute? Sorry the lighting is bad, the sun was going down and since we are remodeling we don't have our chandelier up yet.

Have a safe and happy Halloween night!

Ruth Ann


Betsy said...

Looks great. Hope your halloween was great.

Polka Dot Moon said...

Fun Halloween decorations! It's all about the kids at our house too :)

You earrings are in route, I forgot to mention it the other day ;)

Kelli said...

Your home is so cute for Halloween! Man I have got to get more creative. Hope you had fun.

Darlene said...

Looks great and I hope you had a fabulous Halloween!

Shannon said...

Love all your Halloween decorations! So cute!

Liz said...

Ooh... love that candleholder! What a great idea!