Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Flax Scutching Festival

Today we went to the Flax Scutching Festival! You are probably wondering what "Flax Scutching" is. Well, you can read about it here! Basically it's the art of making linen from the flax plant.

They have demonstrations going all day showing you the process! The process used at the Stahlstown Flax Scutching Festival in Stahlstown PA, was the process used by our ancestors in the New World and the Old World. (1) the harvesting and drying process (2) The peeling of the stalks and separation of the fibers (3) the hackling and (4) the weaving of the cloth! It's quite interesting!

Today though we were all under the weather. The boys have had a bad cold for a few days, and Chris was feeling achy and feverish. I was also not feeling my usual self, but we wanted to go to the festival anyway! This seemed to be the first year that we were actually home and could attend! This festival runs two days and usually we are away from home!

Today it was on the cooler side, and at times there was a fine mist of rain! But we had a great time despite the weather!

We really came to the festival for two things (1) the staged Indian Raid & (2) a hay ride!

Here are the boys in their wagon ready for the Indian Raid Reenactment! Ben of course had to have ear muffs on because he absolutely hates loud noises! They were firing cannons and in the reenactment they were firing guns (with blanks of course)! The only time I could get him to take these off was for the hayride! lol

Here are the Indians getting ready to raid the settler's home!

The Indians set the settler's place on fire! It was quite dramatic! Ben was afraid that the fire was going to get out of control and spread toward us!
I have very fond memories going to this festival and seeing the reenactment! And now my boys will have fond memories too!

Here is a booth where they are making and selling buckwheat hulls, corn meal, and whole wheat flour! The machines behind the bags are what is making the product! I really like whenever the booths show you how the things are made!
There were many antique tractors at this festival! The boys loved seeing them all! Here is a closeup of one!
Oh my, this was my favorite booth! It was a booth that sold honey! I don't particularly care for honey...I can eat it, but it's not something I crave. Anyway, what I do like are bees! This display had the bees in between plexiglass, and you can see them at work making honey!
Here is a closeup of the bees! Sometimes, I'm not too intelligent, I don't think before I speak! Out of all these bees, I asked the guy..."Do you know which one the queen is?" That's right....I did ask that stupid question! lol He probably thought I was crazy!

These bees were put in this display about a week ago, and look how much work they've done already! They are just amazing! There were even bees on the outside trying to get in!
I have always been fascinated with bees, so I signed up for a class that will be held in February to teach you about becoming a "bee keeper!" I would really like to raise bees....I'm currently trying to talk my husband into it!

Now, how cool is this guy? I secretly wish I could express myself and dress eccentrically! But I just can't! I'm always too worried about what people think! This man plays guitar and sings for kids! He's quite entertaining! Don't you just love his "Hee Haw" overalls?!!!!! You all remember "Hee Haw" don't you?
Here are the boys before the hay ride!

Alexander has always been fascinated with farms and tractors! As soon as he got on the wagon, he was touching the hay!
We were quite proud of Alex...he's usually afraid of rides of any kind. He's afraid of the Power Wheels, quads, and even kiddie rides at the amusement park! This was a big step for him!

At first, he thought when the tractor started it would be loud! But it wasn't!
Here we are enjoying the hay ride! It was quite bumpy!
As we were walking to our car we saw other people enjoying their hayride!
And I just love this's Alex saying goodbye to the farmer and his tractor!
Despite being sick, we really had a fun day! Cannot wait until next year!


Kirby3131 said...

Our Ruth Ann! What a great day! I'm so glad that even though you all were a bit under the weather you decided to go and enjoy the events. It looks like everyone had a nice time. I had to laugh that you said you always had fond memories of the Indians burning down the settlers homes LOL I know that's not what you meant, but I chucked at it anyway :)

Love the tractor close up but my favorite picture is of your little one waving goodbye :)

Kristin - The Goat

Kirby3131 said...

Our Ruth Ann (should be) Oh Ruth Ann! LOL

Rambling Girl said...

WOW great family day Ruth Ann! I love fall and all the festvals that come along. I really like things the simple way life was before all the hussle and bussle of life is today.

Sorry teh weather was a little damp but seems you still had a great time.

Hee Haw oh yeah I watch that on Sunday nights comes on at 7pm on the RFD channel and Lexi even loves watching it. Brings back fond memories with my grandparents. They always watched that and Lawerence Welk.

I don't like to stand out either but some people really can make you laugh with teh things they come up with.

Love the last cute!