Sunday, September 6, 2009

Joy Ride

The other day I went to Goodwill. I didn't find much, just a small coat hanger for on the wall. I plan to paint it "pink" of course and hang it in the new kitchen. I've collected several vintage aprons and I plan to display them on there.

After I got in my car I glanced over to my right and this is what I saw. What do you notice about this photo?
Much to my surprise this little dog was hanging out on the back of the bike just waiting for his owner to come out! He was just chilling out, he paid me no he was too cool to notice me! I really got a kick out of seeing him sitting there! I've seen several dogs on bikes and each time I do, it just makes my day!

Have a wonderful day!
-Ruth Ann


Kirby3131 said...

Thank you for making the picture clickable to a larger size :) I really wanted to see how comfy happy that dog looked and he sure does!!

Rambling Girl said...

Awwh isn't he adorable sitting there waiting for his master! Love this shot.