Friday, September 4, 2009

For The Love Of Her Country

This is my wonderful sister-in-law Kathy who was just sent to Iraq! Kathy is a Colonel in the Army, and a Psych Nurse. She has been in the army for almost 25 years!

I'd like to tell you about why I think she is so wonderful! It is her job to assign soldiers to Iraq. She had assigned a particular soldier to go, but learned that he had a sick child at home with heart problems. Kathy decided to take his place, since her children are grown- and for the love of her country!
This photo was taken 4 years ago when she made "Colonel!" We went to Washington D.C. for her ceremony! It was a very special time! The whole family was there and she took (all 20 plus of us on a dinner cruise to celebrate!
Here is her sister and father putting on her pins!
She has been keeping us informed through e-mails and text messages. Here is one of her emails:

"Hello all, I am at USO and only have 30 min. Spent 1 week at Ft. Benning. Flew to Kuwait with fuel stop to Ireland. 24 hour trip. Then bussed to another base for more training. Waiting for manifest for flight to Iraq. Training included simulation in 2 mil vehicles in full mil battle rattle. Landed upside down and had to get out. I was hanging upside down with seat belt holding me. Just like Disney. I have bruises and blisters and my hips are screaming, but all is good. Makes me realize how tough our soldiers really are. 110-118 degrees with nothing but sandstorms. I don't know how they live here."

Here's another e-mail:

"Hello all, I did not manifest last night so still in Kuwait. Hotter today. Tent lost power for several hours so like an oven. Sleeping in a huge tent on cot with about 40 female soldiers. Went to USO tent to cool off, but had to walk 1/2 a mile!"

I think she is soo courageous to volunteer her services for our country! Because of her rank she is dressed like a regular soldier and no one is to salute her. This is for her safety! I can't even imagine...I don't even like going outside at night here let alone in another country where there is war! She is just amazing!

I found out that she just recently had to hike 7 miles with full gear! Amazing for a woman who is 61-years-old! And on her way to Iraq she got to marshall the plane! She was the first woman to do so! She is just soo inspirational for me and for all women! I can't say enough about how wonderful she is!

She will be home in time for Christmas, please pray for her safe return! I will keep you updated!

-Ruth Ann

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Kirby3131 said...

Please do keep us informed. What a brave brave woman. Tell her Thank You. :)