Friday, November 13, 2009

West Virginia Trip- PART 1

Last week I went on a trip to Hinton West Virginia to see my sister (cue the Dueling Banjos)!
She lives about 4 hours away in southern WV. I've only been to her house about 4 times, so each time I go I love to go to town and explore!

Last year I took my oldest son Benjamin. It was just a special trip that we both went on together. This time Ben stayed home with my parents because he had school, so it was me, my husband and Alexander.

We didn't get out much this time because we were all really sick, but we did get to make it to a couple of places.

Here we are visiting the local Fire Department. That's my sister Kim holding Alex, fireman Marky, and my husband Chris!
Here's Alex sitting up on the bumper of the truck with his lovely blanky (cloth diaper)!
Here's another shot of him on the truck.
He was too afraid to sit up on the seat of the firetruck! I guess he was afraid that the siren would go off and scare him. But I did get him to sit on the steps of the truck! See his uneasy expression!
Over the next week I will share with you the other parts of our trip to West Virginia! I have some other really cool things to show you!

On another note, we are still really sick here! I've been sick for over three weeks. First I had bronchitis, and now I have an ear infection and sinus infection! Ben has an ear infection and Alex has a sinus infection as well! A couple days ago Alex developed a high fever and they think that he may have the swine flu! He started taking tamiflu and is feeling much better! Please pray for our family! We all just want to feel better soon!

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Kirby3131 said...

I can't believe how sick you all have been - What a miserable way to go through Fall.

Firestations are always a big hit with kids. Your boy looked much more comfortable on the bumper than in the cab lol

I'm glad you got to go to WV. It's always good to be with family :)