Thursday, April 8, 2010

Round Hill Park- Part 2

It's Spring time, and the farm had many baby animals. I totally fell in love with this baby lamb! If I had a big purse with me I probably would have smuggled him home!

He is so sweet, when he came up to the fence, I rubbed his soft little nose and he just closed his eyes! I really thought I was going to put him to sleep! I could have stayed there all day with him, but the boys weren't very interested in the animals!
The mother had three little babies. One black one, and two brown ones. Aren't they precious?! They constantly wanted to eat, and she barely stood there long enough to let them!
I'm not a big fan of chickens, but the little baby chicks sure were cute! There were tons!
And these pigs were enormous! I know it's sad for me to admit this (I would love to be a vegetarian) but I got so hungry when I saw that big pink pig! I immediately thought of a ham sandwich with spicy brown mustard on it! lol It sort of reminds me of the cartoon "Tom and Jerry"...there is an episode where Tom sees Jerry and he has this thought of Jerry on a hot dog bun! I was totally visualizing this ham on a bun! lol
And isn't this spotted pig sooo sweet?! It must have been a lazy day in the barn, all the pigs were napping!
Oh and the ducks! Usually there are lots of ducks at the farm, but that day there was maybe 20! I don't know where they all went? Maybe they are still vacationing in Florida and haven't gotten back from their winter migration!
Usually big geese/ducks frighten me! They usually hiss and come at you looking for something to eat! They can be very intimidating, especially to young children! The ducks weren't really hungry when we were there, but this duck and a couple others came out of the creek towards us. They nibbled here and there, and this duck was especially good with the boys! You can just see the gentleness in her amazing blue eyes! Alex was following her around...he'd make a sudden movement, and she'd flinch and that was about it! She wasn't afraid of the boys!
Ben, who is usually afraid of his own shadow, even fed the duck! Check it out!
Here's my little photographer, Alex, getting awfully close for a photo! I'll have to post some of his photos from our day at the farm! There is a really good one of me petting that baby lamb!
Here the sweet goose is coming towards him, and it looks like she is posing for the photo!
We had such a great time, and I cannot wait to go back soon!


Loria said...

RA, didn't your mom ever tell you "don't go to the pig farm on an empty stomach" .. lol. I remember that Tom and Jerry episode too. Your little one is taking after you with his love of photography. Post his one photo of you petting that adorable lamb at least on FB.

Iva said...

awwwwww!!! SO CUTE!!!