Friday, April 30, 2010

Bird Nest-Day 6

Lookie Lookie who lets me get close to her now! She lets me stand about a foot away from her to take photos! Isn't she beautiful?! I was so close that I could see the mud around her beak!
She has been on her nest about 90% of the time now, so it's very hard to get a photo of just the nest. There was one point that I noticed the nest was empty and I wanted to check to see if there was the fourth egg, and by the time I got my camera she was back on the nest again! I visited her another time during the day and she was sitting opposite way.
My neighbors probably think that I'm nuts because I talk to her all the time when I take photos! lol For someone who doesn't know that there is a nest there, they probably think that I'm talking to the swing set! lol She just looks and looks at me when I take photos and talk to her! It's like she knows that she's safe and that I won't hurt her!

I also think she knows that I really don't need the zoom lens that I am saving for! That's why she lets me soo close! lol But I know it'll come in handy in a couple of weeks whenever her babies are born! :)

Normally I take photos during the late morning towards early afternoon. It hasn't been really sunny so the lighting is ideal. Well today it was really sunny, too sunny to take a photo. But I can't determine when she's not going to be there, so I take a photo any chance I get! So you have to excuse the bad photo today, it was soo hard to get one! The mama bird came back as I was taking this photo and she was really throwing a fit and I was scared that she was going to peck my eyes out! lol So I just snapped a few! lol
But this is what her nest looks like today! 4! :)
I haven't decided what to do about continuing documenting through photos. I mean they shouldn't hatch for a couple weeks and not much is going to change now. The only thing that will really change is that they will be turned in new positions each day. Do you think I should keep taking a photo every single day until they hatch? Or should I just document it through journaling? If I take a photo every single day it'll be one very LONG slideshow for the Pre-K class, and they might get a little bored! lol

After today I've decided to dig out the old hockey helmet for protection! She was one very mad mama today! I can't blame her though...her eggs are just soo precious! :)

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day here! It's the community yardsale and I'm participating! Hopefully I'll make enough money for that new lens! I'm so exhausted right now from preparing that I'm finally taking a break now! About an hour more and I'll be ready for tomorrow!

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Kirby3131 said...

If you take a photo a day, you don't have to use all of them in the presentation LOL I don't know how long it takes to hatch the eggs - I think you said once - but I'd come back every few days at least until it's a week away from hatching and then one a day again.

You are the bird whisperer :) Congrats kiddo!