Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bird Nest-Day 7

Today has been such a crazy day, and not a good with for the bird nest! We had an incident today and lost one of the eggs! It started out as a good day! Today was the big day for my yard sale. And my husband came home from work and took over so my friend and I could go out to the other yard sales in the area. I had two hours to go and had to get back so he could go to sleep.

My friend and I got back from the yard sales and my husband said that he had bad news and there was an "incident." I thought maybe he gave something away really cheap, because he's known to do that. Anyway he said it had to do with the NEST! My heart sank!

Our yard sale was out front and in our main garage. We have a second garage out back. He had a freezer and refrigerator stored out there and showed people them if they were interested. As he was taking a family out back, they apparently let their kids loose and all my husband heard was "Mommy I found an egg!" And as he looked the little girl squeezed it between her fingers and SNAP!

My husband said the mama bird AND the daddy bird were very upset and were going crazy! All the mother could say was "I'm sorry, she's just bad!" They are soo lucky that I wasn't home, because I'm just as protective of that nest as the mama bird is!

After they left my husband checked out the nest and the remaining three eggs and nest were left undisturbed, and shortly after the mama bird was back on her nest. I am soo thankful that she returned to nest after the devil child touched it!

My husband said that this little girl was about 7-years-old, and in my opinion is way to old to be acting like that! So I guess in my Pre-K presentation I will talk to the kids about the importance of not disturbing a bird nest. I plan to get a photo of the broken egg to document this event, but I left the nest alone today since the bird were on edge!

I'm very disappointed because I built up trust with the bird and she let me get soo close! Now I could be standing 50 feet away and she's watching me! So I may just let it go for a couple of days until she realizes that she's safe again!

I was so upset, almost to tears, and it is still really hard for me! I've gotten attached to this whole process and it saddens me that they lost one of their eggs. I'm not sure if she'll lay another tomorrow but we'll see if she replaces the lost one.

On a good note, I did get several really awesome things at the other yard sales today. I will post more about them with pictures tomorrow. Sorry that I don't have a photo today, hopefully soon she'll let me get back out their to photograph her nest!


Kirby3131 said...

What a day you had! Poor momma bird. Thankfully she went back to her nest, though.

Rambling Girl said...

Gosh I have just been reading about the bird nest and all the that little girl knew better too. I would be overprotected also...I love sweet thigns about nature andlife is one of them.

Saw all the spools you got...I bought some not long ago also. I have been in such a funk lately I haven't even blogged much less comment on anyone that much. What is it with us girls. Is it because of Spring and new live comes upon us or what...I just can't figure it out.

Loria said...

I finally caught up on the bird nest posting .. don't feel too bad RA, robins have adapted quite well to this that's why they lay 4 eggs. other birds only lay one - once a year - if something happens, that's it until the next year - those birds are endangered - hope this helps you not feel so sad. I love the documentation and can't wait to see more photos esp of the babies.