Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Camping-Part 2

We encountered a lot of cool things on our camping trip. The river had recently flooded and there was a lot of brush that washed ashore. My brother went over to the brush pile and was taking off some pieces when he came across this cute thing. He was actually pulling a piece of the pile when he nearly touched this duck!

She's so well camoflauged. Can you see her in the photo below? Look at the middle top of the pile.
Here's a closeup. She never budged just sat there on her nest patiently! Isn't she adorable?
We were visited two days in a row by some geese families. At one point there were twenty baby geese eating the grass!
So fuzzy and so adorable! I wanted to take one home with me!
I was about ten feet away, and that didn't bother them, but when a dog barked, they headed over the hill and into the river.
It's like they can't decide...should they stay or should they go?!
They decided to go!
I could spend all day watching them eat and swim!
Here are the two families of geese swimming together.
The babies bobbed up and down like those little carnival ducks that have a number on the bottom of them!
Here is a photo of the group of geese that we saw on our first day. There was a family with ten babies, two geese with no babies, and another family with ten babies. Such a wonderful sight to see!

Bird Nest update coming soon! WE HAVE BABIES!!!!!!

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Loria said...

love that you captured another bird on the nest .. you are making me want to go camping again ..