Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bird Nest-Day 21 & A Marathon

Today is day number 21 of the bird nest. I didn't check on them yesterday, I just assumed that the third egg would be hatched. When we checked up on them today the third egg was not hatched. I was a little disappointed, but the two babies are growing so quickly, it's really amazing!

I went outside for a photo and Chris talked me out of taking my umbrella with me for protection. He said "They're not going to hurt you!"

Well I thought I was in the clear because I didn't see the mama or daddy bird, but out of nowhere they headed straight for my head! I screamed and screamed and ran straight for the house! lol

So, I asked Chris go out and take the photos for me. I wasn't happy with his first set (they were blurry), so I made him risk his life again for a clear photo! lol So this photo is courtesy of Chris! Thank you sweetie for risking your life for my daily photos!

Aren't these babies just precious? They are finally starting to look like little birds!
Yesterday Ben's school had a marathon. They blocked of the roads around the school and let the kids run around for four hours! They gave each child a ticket and each time they made it through the course they would get a punch on their ticket. Four punches equal one mile. I figured it would last about a half hour or so and then the younger kids like Ben would get tired. But that was not the case. Guess how far Ben ran in four hours? He ran just over 12 miles! It's hard to believe, but I witnessed it with my own eyes!
He just ran and ran. He never gave up! It was a really nice event. They had booths set up with popsicles and drinks to buy for a quarter. It was a really fun day and I bet they raised a lot of money for the school!
Here Ben is proudly showing of his ticket and all the holes that are punched! I was so proud!
Alex, who was only three, was too little to run by himself. So either Chris or myself ran with him. Alex ran 4.5 miles! I was surprised his little legs could handle that! But boy was he cranky by the end of the marathon. It was hot outside and he refused to wear shorts!
Here he is rounding the street! He looks soo tiny! Either that, or those orange cones are huge! lol
Alex was very proud of himself and all of the punches on his ticket! I'm so glad that the school lets him participate in the school's events. He won't be going to school there for a year and a half, but they treat him just like any other student.
I am so proud of my boys and how far they ran! Ben never gave up, and the poor little guy has blisters to prove it!

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Loria said...

amazing he ran that many miles. if he keeps it up, he'll be a great addition to the cross country team when he hits middle/high school. funny alex wouldn't wear shorts - but dang 4.5 miles is a lot for such a little guy .. i'm jealous .. i expire after 1/2 mile .. LOL