Thursday, July 22, 2010

Silly Bands....Silly Boy!

Edited: Another safety precaution on silly bands. Talking to my husband tonight he warned me that you NEVER want to let them wear silly bands to bed. The reason being if they were ever to get caught on anything they could cut off the circulation to their arms or hand! Like he always says to me and the boys over and over again "Safety First!"

Today Alex asked for a nap. He usually does this when he's tired, and especially when he isn't feeling well like today. He is currently working on being potty trained, so I have been using some bribing methods to get him to use the potty.

He was actually using the potty with little accidents for a week or two. As a reward I got him the Imaginext Castle that he wanted. Well guess what happened? He got the castle and he stopped using the potty! Smart guy...he knows what it takes to get what he wants! lol Well, as a result we ended up taking the castle from him. I know it's harsh, but he has to learn a lesson. Anyway, this week I'm bribing using m & m's and silly bands. If you have kids you know what silly bands are...they're much cooler than the jelly bracelets I grew up with in the 80's! They come in many different shapes and colors!

Well today I remembered that I had a couple packages of silly bands. So I told him he would get silly bands for using the potty. So anyway he asked for his nap and was wearing two silly bands. I went downstairs and I heard a loud cry coming from upstairs. He was hysterical and crying, saying his head hurt. I instantly thought he fell out of bed and hit his head on one of the radiators, but he said that he was hurt from a silly band! lol

Apparently his bracelets were tangled and he tried pulling them apart, when one snapped an smacked him right above his right eye! I took this photo right after it happened and you can see a welt above his right eyebrow!
Here he is showing you his silly bands. Notice the tears in his eyes! Poor thing! Who knew silly bands were dangerous? A fashion disaster-maybe, but never would I have thought they would cause any harm! lol

I have a big project to share with you in a couple days! I'm refinishing something for the patio, and it's a big pain! Hopefully it'll turn out good! Have a great weekend!


Kirby3131 said...

Since I've never potty trained a child I don't know the usual methods. But I bet he's going to forgive the rubber bands for hurting his head LOL

Loria said...

my daughter has a million of those bands and she wears them all the time LOL.