Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July Fun!

This past holiday weekend, we went to Yogi Bear Campground in Mill Run, PA. Our friends were also camping there which was awesome! Autumn and Roy have two little girls that are around the age of my two little boys! Ben and Alex just love Baleigh and Kelsea!

There was a ton of stuff to do for the kids, and I'm going to share a few photos of our weekend!

Of course there were lots of sparklers for the Fourth of July! Here Ben is making a giant circle!
Alex also made a giant circle!
Chris made me a heart! :)
Here the boys are standing by the picnic area by the sign that said: "Do not feed the bears!"
Here the kids are riding on the firetruck! My husband took this photo because I was back at the camper making dinner. Aren't the kids soo cute! There's Ben, Baleigh, Alex, Roy, and Kelsea! Baleigh is soo sweet! She usually sits in the middle of my boys because they always fight over her! lol
Here the kids are mining for gemstones! They really thought this was fun!
Here's a group photo! Me, Chris, Ben, Alex, Baleigh, Roy, Kelsea and Autumn! What a fun bunch! Thank you guys for everything, we had a blast!
Hope everyone had a happy and safe Fourth of July! I'll be getting back to my photos from Berlin Maryland tomorrow. And I'll get back into "Movie Monday" next week. I wasn't able to this week because the campground we stayed at didn't have WIFI! :(


Kirby3131 said...

I just love sparkler photos - the light is incredible, going in all directions the way it does. You all take some fun trips together. My family never did - we did one vacation every other year. You've got some lucky boys :)

Loria said...

I like the sparkler photos too. How funny that your boys fight over the little girl LOL. I think it's cool that everyone wore RW&B .. I could never get my girls to participate like that at the holidays ..