Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Berlin Maryland-Part 2

There are so many great little shops around the town of Berlin Maryland. This shop "Victorian Charm" was used during the filming of "Runaway Bride." It kept it's own name and it was the bridal store where Julia Roberts was showing off her wedding dress to Richard Gere. If you remember that scene it was when Julia Roberts wanted the wedding dress that was on the mannequin in the shop window. The bridal shop owner was very reluctant. And Richard Gere stepped in and grabbed the mannequin out of the display and said "We're buying the dress! And anything else she wants!" I love that scene!
This store is a very up-scale boutique. And lining the shelves are hundreds of Vera Bradley purses! It was very colorful and beautiful inside! I didn't buy a purse, but I did buy a beautiful ring that reminds me of our vacation!
Just as we were leaving I happened to glance in the display window and seen what I thought was a "fake" dog. It was lying completely still. I said "Alex, is that dog real?" As we got close, it moved! lol Yes, it was a real dog!
Under closer inspection I saw this cute sign! "Pawtected by Maltese Security!" Hooooow cute!
We never attempted to pet the dog. I'm a dog lover, but this dog didn't appear to be very friendly. The shop owner said that when it's in the window, it doesn't want bothered! Here Alex is looking through the window at the dog!
I visited Berlin on three occasions, and each time I came by, the dog was in it's spot right at the window!

I have much more photos of Berlin to share with you tomorrow! I even met another furry friend! Stay tuned for that cutie!

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