Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Berlin Maryland-Part 1

Hey everyone! Hope you had a great day! I on the other hand have been feeling crappy! I was really sick last night and today just felt yucky! Hopefully tomorrow I'll be better. Anyway, here are the photos that I wanted to share with you of the photos I took in Berlin Maryland. Remember, where the movie "Runaway Bride" was filmed!
I live in a small town in Pennsylvania, so I'm use to little towns, but Berlin was just "magical!" Maybe because it was a tourist town and is flourishing...I'm not sure!

For example here is a little stand that is built to hold a bucket of children's bubbles. The wand is a handmade bubble wand using copper wire! How cute is this? And it was outside one of the stores for kids to play with! Here's Alex blowing a bubble!

The stores in the town were very "artsy." A lot were boutiques, and most had artwork from local artists! One boutique had an art gallery in the upstairs, but I didn't get a chance to view the paintings! Next year...definitely!
This is a little diner called "Raynes Reef!" It was in the movie "Runaway Bride." In the movie it is called "The Falcon Diner," and it was also changed a little on the outside of the building for the movie. The inside of this diner was used for one scene. There was a scene in the movie when Julia Robert's character was sitting in a diner with her fiance and Richard Gere. They were ordering breakfast. Well here it is! I heard they had really good food, so I had to see for myself!
My husband Chris and son Ben spent the day golfing. So Alex and I spent the afternoon in Berlin! Here he is with his menu! I love the wooden booths with the high backs and the chrome bar stools! It's very retro, and I loved it!
I got a turkey BLT, and it was super yummy! I wasn't thinking and took the photo after I ate half the sandwich! Oh, well! Each sandwich is served with a side of potato chips! We ordered a side of fries, and they were the best french fries I have ever tasted! EVER! They were seasoned with something, and oh sooo good!

The menu was a little pricey. For example Alex got a hot dog chips that came with a side of apple sauce and our lunch was close to $20. That's probably the norm for a tourist area, but I think it was a little expensive, but definitely worth it!
There were a lot of memorabilia from the movie inside the diner. Here is a Runaway Bride movie poster. If you look below the photo you can see part of the directors chair just thrown in the corner! I soooo wanted to acquire about it, because if it was treated like that, maybe they'd sell it! I was too embarrassed to ask about anything regarding the movie!
This sign was on the side of the cash register. It says:
"Please excuse our appearance. Our downtown is being dressed for part of the Paramount Film "Runaway Bride." Some of our names have changed, but all of the shops are open for business as usual. Please feel free to join us. On actual filming days, movie personnel will assist you."
Here is a wall of movie memorabilia. The photos in the frames are still shots from the movie!
And here's one of my favorite photos of course! A photo of Richard Gere! Not sure why there is a Johnny Cash photo. My guess is that he had visited the diner in the past!
And I LOVE this! And take 71...wow!The food was sooo good, that I convinced my husband to take us there for ice cream later! We really wanted to try breakfast there, but we never got the chance! Here we're sitting at the same counter and seats that Julia Roberts and Richard Gere sat at!

There are much more magical places in the town...and I'll share my favorites tomorrow! :) Have a great night!


Kirby3131 said...

The movie, Outbreak, was filmed in a little victorian town in Ferndale, California. I didn't know that until I had arrived in the town - it was so cool. Since you are much more crazy about RG than I was Dustin Hoffman, your trip to Berlin was probably a lot more exciting! Not to mention you were planning the trip!

What fun to hang out in the diner!!

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