Monday, November 1, 2010

Movie Monday-Breathless

I am reviewing the movie "Breathless" this week! The movie also stars a French actress Valerie Kaprisky. The movie is from 1983 and is a remake of a the classic which is from 1960.
Richard Gere plays the character "Jesse." Jesse is an arrogant cocky man who goes on a crime spree while on his way to see the woman that he admires. On his travels he kills a cop, so there is a manhunt for him.

He finally makes it to see his girl "Monica" played by Valerie Kaprisky. Monica is a french college student who is studying architecture. In the past Jesse and Monica had a four day affair in Las Vegas. One that Jesse would never forget.

Monica has big plans for her life, and Jesse isn't part of them. But he is relentless and constantly pursues her! Monica has no idea that Jesse is wanted by the cops and she winds up becoming pregnant and falling in love with him!

Even after she finds out about his crime spree she still stands by his side! But's Richard Gere...I'd stand by him too! ;)
I normally do not like watching movies that are nearly as old as I am! BUT, this one was actually good. It kept my attention and to be honest, I was kind of liking the YOUNG hot Richard Gere! ;)
You know me...I like the "old man" Richard Gere, but this cocky arrogant character he played really attracted me to him! He constantly stole cars, and smoked was HOT! lol I was totally digging this character!
Don't you just love the ruffled dress shirt!
I could see how an intelligent woman could be attracted to his character in the movie like Monica was! There was something exciting about him that was very magnetic.

There were a couple of scenes in the movie that I liked. Monica was in the pool and Jesse was upstairs on the balcony of her apartment. He ended up crawling down her macrame plant holder just to get to her in the pool! It was very romantic in a bad a** sort of way! lol You can view that clip here!

Remember macrame plant holders? I think I was in 2nd grade when I made one of those for my mother! lol

And the other scene of my dreams was that he pulled up to pick up Monica in a PINK convertible! It was sooo hot! That is my dream...Richard Gere picking me up in a pink convertible! lmao! ;)
Two things a girl cannot have enough of...Richard Gere and PINK! :)

I give this movie an 8 on the Richard Gere hotness scale. There WAS Richard Gere nudity! So that's always a plus for me! lol But I would recommend watching it! There was just something about his character that was sooo attractive! Plus if you have Netflix it's an "Instant Movie" right now!
Here is the trailer if you want to see a preview! Surprisingly I found it to be really good!

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