Sunday, October 31, 2010


Hope everyone had a great Halloween! We sure did! This year's Halloween theme was "Star Wars!" I of course had to be "Princess Leia!" Since I'm still not feeling well, I didn't feel like wearing her signature white dress. Instead I opted for a long sleeve white t-shirt with a winter vest over top! It's quite chilly here!
Alex dressed as Darth Vader, and Ben was a Storm Trooper! We got dressed a little early, so we went outside for a little photo shoot! Here we are ready to trick or treat!
Princess Leia was captured by Darth Vader and his Storm Trooper! The storm trooper (Ben) told me that if I escaped while he was trick or treating that he'd shoot me with his gun!
Every princess has to have some gas station coffee! lol I LOVE gas station coffee! And I drink at least 2 if not 3 of these a day!
Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween! I love Halloween and I will greatly miss it! I guess I'll start planning for Halloween 2011!

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Laurie said...

Ya'll look great. My husband LOVES Star Wars. They say the Sea Monkeys will last two years. I think that is true.