Saturday, October 30, 2010

Last Day of the Fall Soccer Season!

Today was the last day of soccer for Ben for the Fall Season! I'm a little sad that it's over for the year, but in a way happy because the temperatures are getting colder! Today was a tournament, so he played two games.

Ben loves playing soccer, and is always so happy to play! He's really good on defense, but this season he has proved to be a goal scorer! It's so funny to watch him at his games, he has so much energy and just jumps and bounces around...even when the ball is NOT in play! lol
There are some beautiful farm lands near the soccer area that you can see from the photo! It is so beautiful (especially in Fall), and reminds me of a painting!
Here is Ben and his little "girlfriend!" She was a classmate of his from his "old" school. And they missed each other soo much! Today she informed me that Ben just has to attend her birthday party in a few weeks! She is so cute!
Here is Ben's team with their trophies!
Ben was excited about his trophy, but more excited to go and play on the playground after his game!
We're looking forward to the Spring 2011 season-which starts after Easter. Alex will finally be able to play soccer! And both Ben and Alex will be on the same team! I cannot wait!

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