Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall/Halloween Party!

Today was Ben's Fall Party at school! I was so thankful to be able to help out at the party, because now that he's in public school you can sign up but that doesn't mean they'll pick you to help! Last year he attended Catholic School and they were very lenient with their school parties...the more that attended- the merrier! But public school is a whole different scene!

Here is Ben and a couple classmates enjoying their snacks!
I bought each child a pumpkin to decorate. Here is Ben's pumpkin. He said it's an Indian.
I had to get a photo of me and my new Halloween t-shirt! I just LOVE's my favorite holiday! So here I am with the boys. I think it's funny that they wouldn't put their Wii controllers down for one minute to pose for the photo! lol Silly boys!
Unfortunately I am still sick. All my running around today really made me feel worse and feverish! Why is it that I am sick for every single Halloween? Well at least I was for the last four years! Hopefully I am somewhat better before Sunday!

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