Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch

This past weekend was really beautiful in South Western, PA. It was in the low 70's which is unusually warm for this time of year! But I'm not complaining! ;)

We thought it would be the perfect weekend to visit the pumpkin patch and get some Fall photos!

I always like to dress the boys alike since they are so close in age. I don't know when I'll stop! lol

I use to be the type of person who has said. "I can't believe people dress their twins alike! They are individuals, not the same person!" Then I had kids and that went out the window! lol

Two reasons why I like dressing them alike. #1 It makes for a nicer photo when they are in coordinating outfits. And #2 when you are at a zoo, an amusement park or other busy place, you can instantly pick them out in a large crowd. They are very easy to locate in a quick glance.
We had such a great time at this particular pumpkin patch. When you pay for your admission, they give you a big bag of marshmallows that you can roast on one of their outdoor fires! There were a couple of corn mazes, and the hayride dropped us right off at the pumpkin patch where we could pick our own pumpkins! It was sooo fun!
The boys didn't really like the corn maze. They were a little scared! I don't blame them because I was too...just a little bit...especially when the wind blew! Have you ever seen the movie "Children of the Corn?" Need I say more! ;)

Here they are at the entrance of one of the mazes. The wouldn't go into this one! I did but I couldn't find my way out! I had to backtrack!
Here's the one that they went through. At one point Ben started crying! He was so frightened!
And this happens to be my favorite photo! Of my three LOVES: Ben, Chris, and Alex! I couldn't ask for a more perfect family! :) I just love them soo much!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Fall! Hard to believe that Halloween is less than a week away!

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