Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hockey and Comfort Food

This is just a random post about what I have been up to lately. Ben is still continuing in the Little Penguins hockey program and he is loving it! He is turning into such a great little player, and he amazed me the other day with how fast he can skate backwards! And I am totally enjoying helping to teach the kids! It is amazing to see how fast they are progressing!

Here I am on the left (in pink of course) watching them do a drill! Ben is in the front of the line.
 I normally wear full equipment, even when it's just teaching the kids, because I don't want to get hurt. Well at this particular practice I decided not to wear any because I had a hockey game later that night (last night). I didn't plan on skating around too much. Well earlier that day I bought new skates, because my other pair were about 17-years-old and falling apart. I figured they would be just like my old skates...well they were not! lol I stepped out on the ice and nearly wiped out! This happened several times, but within the hour and a half I got use to them! Thank goodness because later that night (last night) I had a game with "the big boys!"
 I do need to get a photo of me in my hockey equipment from my men's league. I thought I wanted to quit, because it was sooo hard core, but I decided to give it another try last night and it went really well actually! I think my body is finally getting conditioned! It wasn't worse than childbirth last night, and I'm sort of looking forward to my next game!

Remember when I posted about my first game ever in the men's league? I said that no one talked to me and I just didn't have a good time. Well last night we had a new player on our team and he was so nice! He actually talked to me the whole time that we were on the bench and I don't feel so out of place now! We even shared water! ;)

The other players were even actually joking with me about my age! They found out that I was 33-years-old and I had a couple players come up to me after the game and ask me if it was the truth! lol Apparently to them I look like I'm in my twenties! Now you can understand why I keep going back going back! Plus the weight loss helps too! ;)

Oh and speaking of hockey...I am a little irritated about one thing! Now that I am playing hockey again and now they finally have pink laces, and pink hockey tape, and pink's wonderful for a girl. And it's my thing that keeps me different from the men...or at least that's what I thought! Last night one guy had a pink stick with pink hockey tape and pink laces in his skates! Come on! I don't even have a pink stick! I was a little jealous! But seriously this is the latest trend with men playing hockey!

Ok onto another note: cooking! The past week or so I haven't cooked much at all! You know how it is when you get out of a routine and then it becomes hard to get back into that routine? Well that was me!

Yesterday I did make some yummy chicken enchiladas with a homemade enchilada sauce! They turned out great! And today I needed some comfort food! I get soo exhausted from running around after the boys, going to Ben's hockey practice, and me playing in my league! For example I was out on the ice with Ben last night for an hour and a half and then later had a game of my own! I didn't get home from my hockey game until about 11:00 last night and then stayed up a few hours after that only to get up early this morning for a doctor's appointment. I was exhausted today that I ended up taking a two hour nap this afternoon! So when I woke up I wanted comfort food and something that I love is tuna melts!

As a matter of fact, when I was pregnant with both boys I craved tuna salad sandwiches. But as you know eating tuna isn't safe during pregnancy, so I rarely ate it. When both of the boys were born in the hospital I ordered a tuna salad sandwich for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I just couldn't get enough of them!

Then we vacationed in Ohio and we went to this fancy restaurant for lunch and I ordered a tuna salad sandwich and it tasted just like the ones I ate at the hospital...just delicious! So I asked them what was in it, and when they told me I was shocked at how simple it was! The secret is mayo and not Miracle Whip! Previously I was using Miracle Whip and I couldn't understand why I couldn't replicate the taste. Well know I knew!

Here is how I make it. I take a couple cans of tuna; drain and flake it. Add some chopped onion and chopped celery. The amount just depends on your taste. And then you add some mayo. Not a lot because you don't want it too wet, but just enough where it's not too dry. Mix it together and chill! It's that simple!

So tonight I made up my favorite tuna salad and made tuna melts with it! I also made a side of the best buttered noodles! You can find that recipe HERE.

This was the second time I made these noodles and they are just delicious! The key to making these is to cook them in a large skillet, not a tall pot. This is because you cook them in very little liquid, so you want to make sure that the noodles are spread out so they cook evenly.

Here is a photo of the yummy tuna melts and yummy buttered noodles! As you can see from the photo, I am definitely NOT a food photographer! lol But trust me they were yummy!
What kind of food comforts you?


just jane said...

Comfort food...Grilled pepper cheese on raisin bread, yummy beyond belief. I am serious, try it! Use real butter to grill the bread, and use hot pepper cheese. FANTASTIC! It is sweet, and salty, and stings the tongue in delightful way. It goes very well with cherry coke or lemonade.

I am glad, you survived Hockey, last night! I am happy to hear you are having fun!

I was bummed to leave your blog, because I love the music, to leave this comment, but I can revisit it.

Enjoy your weekend, and those cute little boys!

Marci said...

I love that you have the guts to go out there and play with those boys!!! You are so awesome! I want to come watch a game sometime soon.. I bet you kick butt!!! Way to go!!!! I am so proud of you! By the way Ben looks adorable in his uniform!! LOVE IT (does ANDREW play too?)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog!!! You are such a great mom!!!