Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Photo Shoot With Alex!

This past week we had such beautiful weather, and I couldn't wait to get back outside to take photos!

While Ben was in school one day, Alex and I took off to a local bike trail to take some photos. They have a couple abandoned trains there, so I thought it would make a cute prop! Alex's favorite color is red, so that was our theme!
 I love this old abandoned bridge in the background! It sure is beautiful here in South Western Pennsylvania! As much as I complain about the weather and wish I lived elsewhere...I need to look at the beauty that is around me!
 I had this vintage tricycle in the garage, and thought it would be fun to add to our red themed photo shoot.
 Here he is taking a break at a fountain. I should have taken a photo of the fountain that was near the ground. There were three fountains each at different heights. It would have been more convenient for him to use the one that was closer to the ground, but I'm guessing that it's for dogs? Not sure, and I didn't want to take any chances! ;)
 And of course we had to take some silly photos! He sure does like making silly faces!
 I know every mom thinks that their kid is just the cutest...but I swear it can't get any cuter than this! But don't let this cute face fool you, he is one stubborn little boy!
"A" is for ALEX!
 And as my friend pointed out...it's also for  "Air-borne!" :)
 I love black and white photos with a touch of color!
 As I mentioned, we went with a "red" theme, but I'm thinking that this may be a little too much red!
 I just LOVE this shot! His little shoes are sooo adorable and so are the skull shoe laces! Little girls are fun because you can accessorize with bows and things like that. But with boys, it's very limited, so I guess skulls are the cool thing for boys!
So we've been enjoying this beautiful weather. Rumor has it that it is going to snow towards the end of the week! I sure hope not! I'm getting too spoiled by this early Spring weather!

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