Monday, March 7, 2011


We got a little snow yesterday, and it's one of those cold crappy days outside. I have a lot of house work to do, and to be honest I've been putting it off! After I took Ben to school today, I took my last online art class, and then I decided to get on facebook. I get onto facebook throughout my day, but today I noticed something just simply beautiful!

I keep my laptop in my kitchen on my breakfast bar, and behind me is a huge arch window which I absolutely love! You can see by the reflection on my computer screen, just why I love this big arch window!

Of course each day the window reflects onto my computer screen, but today I noticed, and was just mesmerized by it's beauty! The sky is such a wonderful shade of blue and the tree branches are lined with snow!
Here is another reflection (an up close one) from my computer screen!
And one more!
So I grabbed my camera, turned around, and took a photo of the arch window and the amazing view!
Isn't it just beautiful outside? And just think, my husband wants to take these trees down this summer! What will I look at then?!
I see a sketchbook page in my future! :)

Now off to do the dreaded housework!


just jane said...

Most excellent! A happy surprise!

jennifer said...

You are right - that was an incredible view! I went through a phase when I photographed drops of water. I found it frustrating because my limited knowledge of photography would not allow me to adequately capture the beauty that I saw. I must have a hundred photos store on my computer of water droplets :)

Have a wonderful week!

jennifer said...

*ahem* stored... :)

Susan said...

Very cool, I love that window.