Monday, July 11, 2011

Beach- Day 4

We have been back from the beach for several weeks now and I am so sorry that I haven't finished posting the remaining photos. So here are a few photos of us at the boardwalk in Ocean City Maryland!

Here is one of the entrances to the boardwalk. You cannot really tell, but my boys are standing underneath the huge signage!

 Chris and the boys taking in the sights!
 Me and the boys.
 I was really looking forward to finding the "Ocean Gallery" and photographing it! It's probably one of the most recognized places on the boardwalk. Inside is hundreds and hundreds of prints and paintings! If you are a neat not go is totally crammed inside!
 I took the following two photos inside. I took them really quick, because I doubt that I was allowed to take photos inside of a print store. I just wanted to give you an idea of how packed it was inside!
 There was just a very narrow path where you were able to walk through!
 One thing about the boardwalk that was a bit much was the seagulls! They were EVERYWHERE... and they weren't very afraid of people at all! Tons of them would just fly right by your head! I don't mind birds, but at times it freaked me out a little! lol
 We didn't go inside Ripleys, the huge tire outside the museum was a total photo op! ;)
 One thing that did bother me a bit about the beach was how easily and how novel buying a hermit crab was! Every souvenir shop has cages full of them! Most offered special deals where if you bought a couple of t-shirts you'd get a free hermit crab! Poor crabs! They sure are beautiful to look at though!
 I always love getting photos of the clocks when we are on vacation! They are so ornate and I love how they are welcoming as well! This one had a hot dog on it, which I thought was odd!
Anyhow, that is how we spend day 4 at the beach! In the next few days I'll wrap up my vacation photos and then we'll be all caught up and I can start fresh again! I have a lot to share with you, so stay tuned!

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