Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beach- Day 6

This was our last full day camping at the beach! This day we went back to Assateague Island (Maryland) to enjoy our day!

The boys have a blast at the beach!
 They could spend all day just playing, or laying around in the sand!
I can be found usually bent over, picking up shells that wash up on shore! 
 I love when we are visited by the horses!
And the horses love walking all over everyone's beach towels and eating and pooping on anything they can! As a matter of fact, the guy in the right of the photo had a "present" that was left on his beach towel! ;)
Some of the horses just stand and watch the ocean for hours!
 This sweet little pony enjoys lunch on the beach.
 Then she decides to take a nap! I love how the other horses just watch her sleep! There's something wonderful about a sleeping baby!
 Sandy toes!
 And one happy family sad to see their beach vacation over! :(

We stayed for a week, but I'm not posting photos of our last day. We didn't do much but pack up our camper and then eventually head home! We had soo much fun and I cannot wait until next year until we go back!


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okay I really love your bathing suit where did you get it I only wear one pieces its so cute

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