Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beach- Day 5

During our fifth day at the beach it was raining, so we decided to take a little road trip. We ended up driving to Assateague Island in Virginia which is about a 2 hour trip from Assateague in Maryland (where we were staying). I had saw online that they had a lighthouse, and I knew it was something that I wanted to photograph. It was literally pouring, so the conditions weren't that great but we really had a fun time!

I love this chippy little lighthouse!
 Sorry, this photo is out of sequence. It was really cloudy and just plain BLAH when we first arrived! This photo was after we had gone to the car and it had gotten sunny! I hiked the trail to get some better shots! lol

I tend to over pack when we go on a camping trip. This year I packed even more than last, and had decided to pack their rain gear! It worked out perfectly...and these little rain jackets look so darn cute on them!
 Ben was very nervous at the top of the lighthouse. I couldn't get a photo of him relaxed and smiling nice.
 Here they are at the top. Still very nervous looking! lol
 Here is a view from the top. It was pouring...so it looks very hazy! I just took a couple quick shots because I didn't want to get my camera soaked! As you can see from the photo there is a lot of stagnant water that surrounds the lighthouse. This meant that the mosquitoes were BAD! I normally don't get bit up by bugs, but they were feasting on me! They were flying into our cars and they were just everywhere! I never in my life have seen mosquitoes this bad!
 Love these old windows and their views!
 Like I said, the weather was soo crappy! But eventually and it figured it waited until we got to our car...it cleared up and became beautiful! So Ben and I hiked the trail (the only way of getting to the lighthouse)! But it was totally worth it!
 After we visited the lighthouse we decided to take the "nature loop" scenic drive. And it was totally worth it! There were amazing views and amazing wild life! We saw a huge eagle perched in a tree, many beautiful birds and this huge snapping turtle!
 I love the placement of the bird in this photo. It was soo serene there and such a perfect way of ending what would normally be a stay in the camper type of day!


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