Saturday, January 24, 2009

Food Advice Needed

I need advice from all you Veteran Moms out there! I am having a terrible time getting my two picky toddlers to eat ANYTHING! And I mean anything....they don't even like macaroni and cheese, or mashed potatoes? What planet are they from? That is a staple in most kids diets!

Today I was eating a turkey sandwich. They both asked for a bite. They both seemed to enjoy it! When it came time for me to make their lunch, they wouldn't eat it! All they wanted to eat was hot dogs and dill pickles! What am I going to do? Should I surrender into giving them foods like that? I am lucky...they do LOVE fruits and some vegetables but I need other options! Does anyone have any ideas for giving them food that is nutritious? All they want is pizza? Does anyone have any great ideas for giving them food such as this but on the healthier side?

Should I just make them lunch and if they don't eat it, not feed them anything else until dinner? We've thought of that, but I want them to have at least something in their bellies.

Does anyone have any tips that have worked for their toddlers? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

One frustrated mom,
Ruth Ann


cyndie said...

We've been having the same problem with our grandkids. One eats meat, one will only eat veggies.
I snuck in a turkey cheese tortilla roll up with lettuce and what ever else they picked out to put on it and they ate the whole thing. And there is nothing wrong with pizza, use whole wheat crust and veggie toppings. Take them to the store and see if they would pick out some good stuff. Try raw veggies and lite ranch dressing for a dip. Good baked ham or turkey sliced lunch meat and cheese roll ups dipped in ketchup. Sounds gross to me but they love it. How about spaghetti? we always ask "springs or strings" (rotini or angel hair)> Sometimes if you let them have a say in what they eat, let them choose,or help you make it, within reason, they get excited about eating it. And one other thing don't forget their little bellies are only as big as their fist. Hold off on their drinks until they have eaten something so they are not just filling up on liquids. Hope this helps a little.

Infarrantly Creative said...

thanks for the sweet comment on my blog...this too shall pass I suppose.

Rambling Girl said...

Well Ruth...I have gone through this before and still do with my 16 year old...the doctor said don't fret just let him eat what he wants and everything will be ok...This is what my sons eating consist of...french fries, mac/cheese and pizza. I am telling you the truth...this has been his diet since about 2 or 3. I was so worried about this but he is normal as can be....A health problems except he does have asthma. I did give him vitamins when he was just imagine at the holidays when we have all this great food and he wants french fries from McDonalds....

Another thing you might want to try is make sandwichs cut out from cookie cutters such as truck, football and etc shapes...this will make them think it is fun eating this...if that does not work let them eat what they will be easy feeding them that's for sure. Like my doctor said don't push Jamison and he will eat when he is hungry and I have to agree with my oldest is a picky eater but Lexi she will eat anything and I mean weird stuff that most kids would never touch.

Sorry I had to take this long to post...but I have three kids, 29, 16, and 4 so I thought I would share all this...good luck!

Darlene said...

I wish I could give you more help but my daughter would only eat mac-n-cheese, chicken nuggets, pizza and hot dogs (just the weiner) when she was little. Oh, and occasionally wanted the thin sliced luncheon meats but just rolled up...not with any bread. She wouldn't even eat fruits and veggies. The Dr. said let her eat it. I gave her a daily vitamin also. Now, at almost 10 she likes a LOT more things and usually eats really well. I also make her at least taste whatever we are having and she has been amazed that a lot of times she loves it. She is a big meat eater, liking most meats (however we cook them) but still only really likes green beans, corn, noodles and rice-a-roni.

Betsy said...

My kids are both great eaters and I think it is because I serve them what I cook and nothing else. If they don't eat it I don't worry about it but I don't cook something else. i know they will eat huge at the next meal. My pedi suggested this and it worked wonders.