Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm Soooo Excited!

Tomorrow is going to be a fantastic day! Not only are the Steelers playing in the Superbowl, but more importantly I'm picking up our puppy tomorrow! Isn't she the sweetest? She's a Golden Retriever and is the cutest little thing ever! We're not sure what we're going to name her yet....possibly "Dixie." After I bring her home I will post a better photo for you, and you guys can help me pick out a name!

She's a little "miracle" dog. Her mom became paralyzed at the beginning of the pregnancy. Vets in the area wanted to euthanize the mom and her puppies. The mom's owner, who is a wonderful woman, decided to travel over two hours to a Pittsburgh Animal Hospital! She refused to have her dog euthanized! After an operation and a few weeks of recovery the mom bounced back and had eight healthly little puppies! She had six girls and two boys!

I am sooo lucky that this little sweetheart will be joining our family! I know she'll make a wonderful addition!

Golden Retrievers are awesome! We had two in our family, a brother and a sister. Sara died about 4 years ago from cancer and Sam died this past summer from a stroke. Sam and Sara lived a long happy life. Sam was 15 years old when he passed away, and we miss him and Sara tremendously!

On another note, I went grocery shopping today and it was CRAZY! There were tons of people in seemed busier than Christmas! That's what happens in Western Pennsylvania when the Steelers make the's like another Holiday! Hope everyone has a wonderful Superbowl filled day tomorrow! I'll post more pictures of our new addition tomorrow night!
Go Steelers!

-Ruth Ann


Kirby3131 said...

I'm so happy for you! I can't have dogs as my allergies would just go nuts. Your new family member is going to love it there!!

Congrats on the Steelers making it to the Superbowl!!

Amber M. said...

Add a bit of chocolate, and your day tomorrow sounds PERFECT. And, of course, a win for your Steelers!

Kelli said...

Have fun watching the game tomorrow. My husband's dad is a HUGE Steelers fan!

Tam said...

What a cute little PUPPY!!!!