Thursday, September 2, 2010

Friday Fragments

Today is finally Friday! And I haven't done a Friday Fragments in such a long time! They are so fun and I hope now to start doing them weekly! You can see other's Friday Fragments by visiting Mrs. 4444's blog here.

So this is what has gone on this week at my house:

***Monday was Ben's first day of Kindergarten. He loved it soo much and had such a great week! And he said the funniest thing to me this week. We were going over vocabulary words, and he needed to know the terms- "first," "second," "third," and etc. I knew that he knew what they meant but I thought I'd ask. I said: "Ben what does the word "first" mean?" And he said: "So and So (not going to mention their name) gets to go first in line everyday because their mommy is the teacher!" lol I just thought that was a very funny observance, since his teacher has her own child in his class! lol

For some reason I was thinking that things would get less hectic once he started going to school throughout the week, but my life seems even more chaotic! Yes he is not at home during the day but we now have homework, lunches to pack, and I have to drive to and from school! Things have gotten way out of hand here at home and my mission is to become more organized! I have to! I need things to be less chaotic and easier for me so I am not rushing around and I can spend more time crafting and doing fun things!

***As you can see from the photo below I have started a new project! I bought an old headboard and foot board from St. Vincent De Paul for $5, and it even included the rails! Sadly, I have had it since last year so I decided that it needed to be finished! The photo below is of the foot board. The headboard I had already started painting when I discovered that I didn't take a photo first! lol
I am painting it black and it is going to go in Ben's room which will have a "Star Wars" theme! Hopefully it will be finished in the next couple of days and I will post about it then.

***I have been freezing a lot of food lately. It saves so much time! So far we have use up some quesadillas that I froze and some spaghetti sauce! I hope to stock my freezer full of a lot of soups this fall!

***I cannot wait to start decorating for Halloween! As soon as I get my house all organized this week, I plan to start decorating!

***My oldest Ben had a checkup for school a couple of days ago to get the rest of his vaccinations. They discovered during that appointment that they heard something weird with his heart. He is getting a chest x-ray and EKG today, and will be seeing the cardiologist next Wednesday. Heart problems run in my husband's family, so please pray that this is nothing serious. I will keep you updated with what we find out. This is all in good timing though...he is due to have dental work in the next couple of weeks, and we definitely want to find out what's wrong before he has any work done!

***This weekend is going to be so busy for us. Ben has soccer practice tonight and we have a birthday luau party to attend on Saturday. Then we'll have Sunday and Monday to relax before school starts again on Tuesday!

Have a safe & Happy Labor Day weekend!


Kirby3131 said...

I'm not a fan of Halloween, so it's always interesting when friends of mine love it so LOL Enjoy!!

Prayers for Ben. Gosh, that must be a bit nerve wracking to have to wait. Positive vibes coming your way :)

Kristin - The Goat

Ann in the UP said...

Best wishes for the outcome of Ben's tests, and successful treatment, should it come to be necessary. I visited you from "Fragments" today, and am so glad you posted. Hopefully as I continue to do this it won't seem like such a hassle.

Check out Flylady--she has lots of good ideas to help with the back to school hassle.

Darlene said...

I will pray that Ben's tests come out fine. I think Ben's observence of 1st was probably It definitely gets hectic around here when school starts. Besides all the school homework, Lexi has dance, Broadway Kids (theater group) and voice lessons. She thrives on all the activity though! Enjoy your Labor Day weekend.♥

Mrs4444 said...

I'm glad they caught the heart thing now. Here's to good test results.

Thanks for the reminder about the decorations. I never seem to get mine up until the night before our Halloween party!

You must have a tiny school, for a teacher to have her own child in class. That was funny!