Monday, September 20, 2010

Movie Monday- My Dog: An Unconditional

For my movie review this week, I watched the documentary called: "My dog: An Unconditional Love Story. It's about famous New York celebrities and their dogs. It's not totally about Richard Gere, but he does have a few interviews in it about his dog. You can rent this movie from Netflix and it's an instant movie right now! I found this documentary to be very touching. Anyone who has a dog knows the unconditional love that you experience with them! This documentary isn't for you if you are not a dog lover. The documentary is from 2010 and many celebrites star in it such as Glenn Close, Lynn Redgrave, Richard Belzer, Edie Falco, Greg Louganis, Christopher Meloni, Isaac Mizrahi...and a few others.

Each celebrity tells you their story about their dog and what it has meant to them. Richard Gere says that he is the Alpha Male to no one in his family except his dog!

One of the most touching stories was that of the actress Didi Conn. Remember her? She was pink haired "Frenchie" from Grease. Well her son has Autism and people with Autism often fixate on one thing. Her son's fixation is on dogs! As a child he had sleeping problems and the problems ended once they got a dog! He bonded with his new dog and became best friends with him! His sleep problems finally ended because his dog knew he needed him and layed by his side in bed each night! One funny thing about their story was that the boy's dad said to him. "Please talk to me about something other than dogs. Ask your dad a question." The boy replied: "Dad, what's your favorite breed of dogs?!" lol What a cute and wonderful story about a boy and his dog!

This was a wonderful group of stories that really touched my heart! And of course I cried....but in a happy way!

Here is a photo from the documentary of Richard Gere, his dog, and his wife Carey Lowell. My husband walked in when I was watching this movie and exclaimed: "Is that his wife?" "She's that cute girl from Law and Order!" And I said "yes" and I added, that she is much cuter than Cindy Crawford! My husband exclaimed: "He was married to Cindy Crawford?!" And I said: "Where have you been?!" LOL
I give this a 9 on the Richard Gere hotness scale! Any guy who pours his heart out about his dog gets a higher rating in my opinion! :)

You can watch a preview of this movie here.

I have always had a dog in my life. There is something about them that is so wonderful. I always have said that I get more attached to a dog than I do people! And it's because dogs love you in an unconditional way and people do not.

I got my first dog "Spunky" when I was 5-years-old. I remember very clearly going to pick him out that day. I remember my mom saying we were going to get tires for the car and to take my blanket with me. I remember going into the house and seeing a lot of poodles. And I got to chose which one I wanted to take home! He was black and brown. I have a few photos of me and Spunky, I'll have to scan them in sometime soon!

This is my current dog Allie. She's a chihuahua mix. Her and I have a bond because we are the only two female in the house with three boys!
She is the alpha female in my house. She often herds me around by barking and biting at my feet! She is in love with my husband and I often wonder that she loves him more than I do! lol

She tolerates my son Ben, but absolutely dislikes my youngest Alex! If she is lying in my bed and he walks into the bedroom she barks and tries to snap at him. The bed is her domain. She even gets a little cranky when she is sleeping with my husband and I try to climb into bed! My husband goes to bed early and the dog will try to sneak upstairs so she doesn't have to sleep in her kennel. When I get to bed she is laying on my side of the bed near my pillow and dislikes it when I try to move her! lol
Like I said she's the alpha female in the household! lol
This photo was taken at my parent's camp. She absolutely loves it there!
What kind of bonding stories do you have about your dog? I would love to hear them!


Kirby3131 said...

RG was married to Cindy Crawford? Seriously, I didn't know that! I didn't know he was married now either. I think I'm in need of a RG education! lol

I had a German Shepherd named Comus. (Comb - us) He used to break into the elementary school (People would let him in, actually) and go sleep in the bean bag chairs in the library. I'd get called down to the office to take him home, but by the end of the day he was back in library or barking at the door to my class. We gave him to a family who had a big piece of land and who could take care of such a big animal.

We became cat people after that :)

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Ohhhhh my gosh he is a cutie and I'm not talking about his dog...ha! I think it's the gray hair maybe. My husband is starting to gray a bit and I'm loving it..not so much on myself..ha!

holly said...

Hi Ruth Ann, thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I'm dying to see pics of your cute pink kitchen but I can't find any, care to share?

R Si said...

That doggie is adorable . I have a JRT. Richard looks happy there but I disagree that Carey Lowell is cuter than Cindy Crawford. Especially the Cindy Crawford Richard was married to.